Erin’s Mission Call…Pick that Book of Mormon back up…Love Ya’ll Lots!

Image of wrapped up mail package

Thank you for the package in the mail this week!  I loved the walking shoes!

Erin Hutchinson

That is great that Erin got her mission call to Halifax!  There are so many people from Calgary there now. I feel like everyone got called there.  hahaha


R—-R—— is meeting with us again, she used to be a strong investigator that we were teaching but then she just stopped meeting with us after my last companion left.  We saw her in the hospital once.  She hugged me and then she had to go, but that was all for the past three months!  We tried stopping by and she was home!  It was perfect timing for her.  She was having a struggling moment in her faith and we were there for her.  She said she will pick the Book of Mormon back up.  She is reading in the chapters of Mosiah right now which is way cool.  She has yet to come to Church though.

Just about Easter time!  I am on page 82 of The Book of Mormon with our Mission Challenge.  I am a little behind.  Reading through the Isaiah chapters is a little hard.  It takes me a while cause I want to write everything in my study journals and make sure I understand it.  Hope all is well.  I love ya’ll lots!  Sister Angelina Winkler


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