Thanks for the news from home…This little piggy went to…New Family History apps…Sarah Neat Passey

'The look you make when she says YES!!!'

Thanks for all the updates from home!  This week has been great.  Exciting things have been happening here and in the mission.  We had a family history Convention and we got to help people getting started on Family History and we also got to attend some classes.  They have come out with some new apps for Family History and it is really neat to read some of those stories and see what happened in their families.

I read about Sarah Neat Passey who joined the church in England and travelled to Paris, Utah to escape the persecution.  Her whole story was really interesting and funny.  Almost everyone there was not a member of the church.  In reading her story, she told her grandchildren (who sometimes attended the Presbyterian Church). ” Remember girls and boys I could have stayed in a better country than this and been a Presbyterian.”

I am proud of you giving your talks on minutes of notice.  That is how it feels out tracting.  hahaha  Here we are at the Ward Hawaiian Party last week.

AND mixing with the locals…”this little piggy”…so cute.  Love to all.  Sister Winkler


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