“Can I get an Amen?”…Book “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”…Last Transfer.


Image result for Baptist church Orange Park Florida

We swapped churches this week.  We attended the Orange Park Baptist Church.  It was really loud.  The man who we attended with started praying for us and talking about how it is a sin to read The Book of Mormon.  The preacher was condescending to us, the people were very nice.  They had brightly colored banners hanging around the chapel bearing the names of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  During the meeting, people were proclaiming aloud, “It’s true!”  “Amen.” and “Hallelujah!”  After the meeting the man who invited us was just beaming and told us that the preacher was “on fire.”  Some of the doctrine was off.  An experience.  An older man in Gospel Principles Class a few weeks ago brought up that you used to be able to tell specifically the differences in doctrine and be able to pinpoint what religion others were right away off the bat but now they are all over the place.  Many accepting the same teachings that we have always accepted and known because of a modern day prophet and The Book of Mormon.  Crazy how an extra witness can solidify the truth.  Can I get an, “Amen?” hahaha  Anyways these are my thoughts on that Sabbath experience.

Last transfer happened and I am staying here in Orange Park with Sister Hatch which is great.  Sister Jeanne L—– told me Dad wrote her on Facebook.  She loves you guys.  She needs to have her name on the prayer roll of the Calgary temple too.

We met this man yesterday after being stuck in traffic FOREVER and learning every single verse to, “Follow The Prophet” and learning how to rap better.  We got out of the car just desperate to walk and talk to people.  We met this awesome man washing his car and he was really excited about the Book of Mormon that we gave him!  He told us that he had a lot of extra time on his hands of late and was excited to read and PRAY about it.

Sister T——- W—– is such a mother to Sister Hatch and I.  She has a daughter on a mission and we are teaching her son.  She is a single mother and gives most all her time to her children.  She cares so much about them.  It is so sweet.  There is a book called, “The Power of Everyday Missionaries” by Clayton M. Christensen.  If you have got it specifically on page 67.  He goes through these different things he’s noticed and gained a testimony of by sharing the gospel.  What’s worked and is logical.  The gospel can be applied to all situations in life.  Such a good book!  Well that is all I can share with you for now.  I love you sooo much. Sister Winkler

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