Covenant making and keeping…2 Nephi 10…Success and Failure…Always have Florida in my heart.

W—– came to church!  He is growing and learning quickly.  At the end of our Saturday lesson with him we invited him to pray.  He wanted me to be the voice, it was interesting to think about how an investigator would need to pray to receive an answer.  When we organized a ride for him to get to church, another investigator that the elders were teaching brought him.  They came together!  That was a miracle!

A—- is preparing to be baptized next month!

G—– has prayed about The Book of Mormon and has started to read it!

We are using a survey about families and GodWe got to share our testimonies of The Book of Mormon with a lady this week because of it.

C——– our previous baptism date person has been missing of late.  We saw him last week and set up a ride for him, but when the person came by to pick him up at 8:30am he was not there.   We just keep loving him…

I am learning more reading through the Book of Mormon this time.  Covenant making and keeping.  I was just reading 2 Nephi 10 and all I could think about was making covenants.

I love The Book of Mormon.  As missionaries we see some people try to put it to shame or throw confusion at it, it stands alone as a witness of Christ.   I will always have Florida in my heart.  Love ya’ll more each day.  Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on “Covenant making and keeping…2 Nephi 10…Success and Failure…Always have Florida in my heart.

  1. Dear Sister Angelina Winkler

    it is good to see how your love for the people of Florida is translated into the results in teaching lessons and baptisms. People usually don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. When they know how much you care (love them) then your words have more credibility and they listen. All people have a build in barometer which detects (senses ) how much you love them. you are doing well …..keep up the good work !

    Love Uncle Rod and Auntie Susan

  2. Don’t give up on him. I escaped from the radar while investigating the church when I felt it was simply too intense for me. I had a sister which had been asked to friendship me. Unfortunately, I know she was simply trying to love me to death but it was freaking me out. After a few days of hiding I felt that I could not keep doing this so I called the missionaries and explained where I was coming from.
    The rest is history:)
    I love reading your weekly summary of what is happening on your mission. You are such an example to me.

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