I Love Life…30 Years Later Book of Mormon Changes lives…He is in the details of OUR lives.

Gainesville Zone Is GRRRREAT!!!!  How we are going to miss those cute Juett's!!

I love you each so very much.  This week was crazy.  Our Bishop in Orange Park is a Clifton and there are lots of “Cliftons” and “Cliffs” in their family.  Sometimes we have challenges communicating in Ward Council.  Working on that… 

Sister ——– is working towards going to the temple.  She is so wonderful and  sweet.  Another lady I have wrote to you about (L——-) was a investigator we tracted into in Gainesville.  Sister Kasteler told me (she is in our old area now) that L——‘s first experience with the church was 30 years ago when she did a favor for a man she worked with in Lake City.  To show his appreciation, he gave her a Book of Mormon and she read it. 

She didn’t have any contact with missionaries or any formal teaching.  She had mentioned this experience a number of times.  It was what had softened her heart towards the church.  This week I asked her what that man’s name was.  She said his last name was Henderson, but she didn’t remember his first name.  She explained exactly where he lived and I knew EXACTLY where she was talking about and it is Deep Creek (my first area)!!   I couldn’t remember if there was a Henderson family when I was there.  L—– had also said that it was possible that he was not alive any more.  I had the thought to ask someone in Lake City if they know a Brother Henderson.  That we would love to let him know that The Book of Mormon he gave L—– had planted a seed in her heart and that she was getting baptized.  Well, the short of it is, after contacting someone in that past week on Facebook, we find out that this Brother Henderson is his step father, AND his first wife and son are still in that Ward!  WOW!  Brother Henderson is not alive but he has family who is.  It was so incredible that I was transferred here from there and then I just happen to message this man who is the stepson of the very man who had started it all!  It was divine.  God’s hand is definitely in L—-‘s and my life. 

I know I am to be here in Gainesville.  I am so blessed to be a missionary.  I love it so much and I know I have served with those I have served with for a reason and that God is 100% aware and cares about the details of our lives.  I LOVE life!  

As much as I miss you and home, I am just soaking up Florida and loving serving The Lord.  I am happy to know that it will continue after my mission.  There is lots of work to do in Calgary and wherever life takes me.  I am grateful for the relationship I’ve formed with the scriptures and My Savior, Jesus Christ.  Sister Winkler


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