Fast Week…Faith.Hope.Charity…”I am not going to be able to sleep tonight”…Moroni 7

Wow, this week went by fast, this month went by fast!  This week was great!  Wednesday and Thursday the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  Sunshine and almost 80 degrees!  Although the weather was beautiful we were really struggling to teach lessons.  But we just kept on a workin’.


I just found out that an investigator in my past area is preparing to be baptized!!  her name is L—— and when I last saw her she had lots of questions.  God is preparing people, I have faith in that.

We had a lesson Tuesday night at a member home and taught C——- the Plan of Salvation.  His reaction was to what he was being taught was fun!  Some of his words were, “I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!”  He was so excited about Heavenly Father’s Plan for us.  We set a baptismal date of the 31st and we are preparing him.  He got a job and is busier than normal.  We might have to push the date back a week to teach all the lessons.  When he was asked to introduce himself in priesthood he said, “Hi, I am Brother C—— and I am looking for a new church home.”

Here are some thoughts I had about faith, hope and charity and how it relates to missionary work (mainly member missionary work) as I was studying part of

Moroni chapter 7 to prepare for a training.  We must have faith in the converting power of the gospel, in The Holy Ghost, and that God is currently preparing people in our sphere of influence to accept this good news.  We must have hope that because all of God’s children here on earth once chose God’s plan, they will choose it again if given the choice.  Then we must have charity, the pure love of Christ as we show an interest and sincere love for the people that are in our lives.  Faith.  Hope. Charity.  We must have all three!

This man stood up for what he believed in, and ended up changing the world. You never know how big of an impact you can make. #sharegoodness #mlk

That is about my week.  Love ya’ll ta bitz, Sister Winkler


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