Off Facebook for two months solid…Baptism…Crazy to hear about all the missionary homecomings there…Elder Zwick

I just posted this picture and link on my Missionary Facebook page.  We are going to be doing a Facebook reset in the mission.  So we will all be off Facebook for two months solid.  It will be a good switch up so we can get trained.  It will also be the last transfer that I am a missionary.  I will get trained up then who knows how I will be able to use that after my mission.

We are all going to the Temple in Hawaii and Arizona when we are back.  What do you think about that plan Sister?  Looking forward to each day.  Good to hear about all the missionaries coming home.  I heard that Mikayla H—– is going on a mission.  Great!  One baptism this week.  It was a miracle to see how everything just worked out.

I took the photo sideways and (mom cannot stand them upright) decided better sideways photo than not at all.  We had Mission Conference this past week.  Elder Zwick came and so did Elder Hemmingway.

This visit they spoke about being protected online.  Elder Zwick talked about our personal accountability.  He also talked about being on a positive personal trajectory for our entire lives and how that starts on our missions.  It was so nice to see Elder Zwick again.  He’s so incredibly nice and being in his presence is the best ever!  Florida is doing well.  I keep sitting down in front of this computer on Monday and can’t remember everything that I wanted to tell you, then I remember the next day!  I love you lots and lots.  Sister Winkler


Covenant making and keeping…2 Nephi 10…Success and Failure…Always have Florida in my heart.

W—– came to church!  He is growing and learning quickly.  At the end of our Saturday lesson with him we invited him to pray.  He wanted me to be the voice, it was interesting to think about how an investigator would need to pray to receive an answer.  When we organized a ride for him to get to church, another investigator that the elders were teaching brought him.  They came together!  That was a miracle!

A—- is preparing to be baptized next month!

G—– has prayed about The Book of Mormon and has started to read it!

We are using a survey about families and GodWe got to share our testimonies of The Book of Mormon with a lady this week because of it.

C——– our previous baptism date person has been missing of late.  We saw him last week and set up a ride for him, but when the person came by to pick him up at 8:30am he was not there.   We just keep loving him…

I am learning more reading through the Book of Mormon this time.  Covenant making and keeping.  I was just reading 2 Nephi 10 and all I could think about was making covenants.

I love The Book of Mormon.  As missionaries we see some people try to put it to shame or throw confusion at it, it stands alone as a witness of Christ.   I will always have Florida in my heart.  Love ya’ll more each day.  Sister Winkler

I Love Life…30 Years Later Book of Mormon Changes lives…He is in the details of OUR lives.

Gainesville Zone Is GRRRREAT!!!!  How we are going to miss those cute Juett's!!

I love you each so very much.  This week was crazy.  Our Bishop in Orange Park is a Clifton and there are lots of “Cliftons” and “Cliffs” in their family.  Sometimes we have challenges communicating in Ward Council.  Working on that… 

Sister ——– is working towards going to the temple.  She is so wonderful and  sweet.  Another lady I have wrote to you about (L——-) was a investigator we tracted into in Gainesville.  Sister Kasteler told me (she is in our old area now) that L——‘s first experience with the church was 30 years ago when she did a favor for a man she worked with in Lake City.  To show his appreciation, he gave her a Book of Mormon and she read it. 

She didn’t have any contact with missionaries or any formal teaching.  She had mentioned this experience a number of times.  It was what had softened her heart towards the church.  This week I asked her what that man’s name was.  She said his last name was Henderson, but she didn’t remember his first name.  She explained exactly where he lived and I knew EXACTLY where she was talking about and it is Deep Creek (my first area)!!   I couldn’t remember if there was a Henderson family when I was there.  L—– had also said that it was possible that he was not alive any more.  I had the thought to ask someone in Lake City if they know a Brother Henderson.  That we would love to let him know that The Book of Mormon he gave L—– had planted a seed in her heart and that she was getting baptized.  Well, the short of it is, after contacting someone in that past week on Facebook, we find out that this Brother Henderson is his step father, AND his first wife and son are still in that Ward!  WOW!  Brother Henderson is not alive but he has family who is.  It was so incredible that I was transferred here from there and then I just happen to message this man who is the stepson of the very man who had started it all!  It was divine.  God’s hand is definitely in L—-‘s and my life. 

I know I am to be here in Gainesville.  I am so blessed to be a missionary.  I love it so much and I know I have served with those I have served with for a reason and that God is 100% aware and cares about the details of our lives.  I LOVE life!  

As much as I miss you and home, I am just soaking up Florida and loving serving The Lord.  I am happy to know that it will continue after my mission.  There is lots of work to do in Calgary and wherever life takes me.  I am grateful for the relationship I’ve formed with the scriptures and My Savior, Jesus Christ.  Sister Winkler

I love tough things, I am the first to do tough things, I do tough things first, I LOOOVE being a missionary

Just as we have the OLD Testament and the NEW Testament , we also have ANOTHER Testament of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God!  #DiscovertheBook

The Book of Mormon Musical is coming to Jacksonville.  They are letting some missionaries teach people while they wait in the lines.  I’m not sure if I told you about that yet.  C—- is getting baptized this week!  We are seeing miracles.  I love the Old Testament.

Sister-Brooke Stockett

I am so grateful to be a missionary!   What am I more grateful for???  Serving with my companion, Sister B———  Have I told you about her before?  She is the best!   I think I actually want to move to Logan Utah to go to school and live with her.  What do ya’ll think about that?   I think we could do great things and see a lot of miracles just like we do here!

I love tough things,

I am the first to do tough things,

I do tough things first, (even though living with Sister B——- wouldn’t be tough…it would just be great!)

I LOOOVE being a missionary.

Love you lots, Sister Angie Wangie Bear Winkler

Fast Week…Faith.Hope.Charity…”I am not going to be able to sleep tonight”…Moroni 7

Wow, this week went by fast, this month went by fast!  This week was great!  Wednesday and Thursday the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  Sunshine and almost 80 degrees!  Although the weather was beautiful we were really struggling to teach lessons.  But we just kept on a workin’.


I just found out that an investigator in my past area is preparing to be baptized!!  her name is L—— and when I last saw her she had lots of questions.  God is preparing people, I have faith in that.

We had a lesson Tuesday night at a member home and taught C——- the Plan of Salvation.  His reaction was to what he was being taught was fun!  Some of his words were, “I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!”  He was so excited about Heavenly Father’s Plan for us.  We set a baptismal date of the 31st and we are preparing him.  He got a job and is busier than normal.  We might have to push the date back a week to teach all the lessons.  When he was asked to introduce himself in priesthood he said, “Hi, I am Brother C—— and I am looking for a new church home.”

Here are some thoughts I had about faith, hope and charity and how it relates to missionary work (mainly member missionary work) as I was studying part of

Moroni chapter 7 to prepare for a training.  We must have faith in the converting power of the gospel, in The Holy Ghost, and that God is currently preparing people in our sphere of influence to accept this good news.  We must have hope that because all of God’s children here on earth once chose God’s plan, they will choose it again if given the choice.  Then we must have charity, the pure love of Christ as we show an interest and sincere love for the people that are in our lives.  Faith.  Hope. Charity.  We must have all three!

This man stood up for what he believed in, and ended up changing the world. You never know how big of an impact you can make. #sharegoodness #mlk

That is about my week.  Love ya’ll ta bitz, Sister Winkler