Love Being a Missionary…Bringing them Closer to Christ…Church Official Statement…Yeah! Apostle Anderson

I love being a missionary.  Best week of my life!   Had such a great week just talking with everyone.  We taught this amazing family this week and had a great experience with them.  They committed to church and they didn’t show.  Which happens a lot.  hahaha  We think they got anti-ed though which is really saddening.

Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the twelve apostles is going to be coming on the 15th!  We are also going to be proselyting around the place where the Broadway Musical, “The Book of Mormon” will be playing.  This play came out while I was out on my mission so I don’t know too much about it.

Many investigators have asked me about it but I never quite knew what it was or if it had anything to do with the Church and I guessed it didn’t or else I would have probably heard something about it.  Turns out it has nothing to do with us and is written by the same people who wrote South Park.  When it shows in Jacksonville some missionaries will be allowed to stand outside and teach people about what The Book of Mormon REALLY  has to do with and how the two are NOT at all related.  The Church official statement is (and I really love this), “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but The Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”

  Wow, it is really hard to know what sources you can trust.  This play could mislead people who don’t know…

We have been teaching an excommunicated member.  She has a really strong testimony and wants to share the gospel.  We were pretty bold with her and she was pretty honest with us.  She says she is not ready yet to come back to church.  We are praying a lot for her.   Pray for her too.  her name is N…W….I pray for you daily too.  Love, love, love, you.  Sister Angelina Winkler


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