Henderson Haven Inc. Service…Four different families of investigators at church…Cleanest apartment…Apostle of the Lord

Here is some of us missionaries with a wonderful family spray-painting a play park with bright happy children colors. it is a place called Henderson Haven Inc. 

It is an organization for kids with autism.  We spray painted their play place.  It was one of the best days of service…well wheel chair rugby comes close.  I love spray paint!

 I feel I haven’t done the last few weeks justice because we have really seen so many miracles!  Today I am actually on a computer instead of just on my iPad so we figured now is the time to repent and catch up.

We started teaching that guy I mentioned last week who was a big miracle.  He just walked into the church building asking the times for services.  We talked for a bit and he committed to come.  We were excited for this miracle and hurried around to the rest of our appointments that day.  Later that night he called and asked to talk to me.  (He did not understand much about missionaries and that we were a companionship and wanted to meet.)  We set up an appointment with the member who was coming out with us that night.  We taught the first half of the restoration and that is about all we could because he had so many questions.  We set up an appointment for two days later and had our lesson at the church building again with member present.  This time it was in the foyer…which attracted many people…not the best idea.  One of the men that just joined into our lesson said, “I don’t feel the Spirit here!” and, “A Bible!  A Bible!” was repeated a couple of times. hahaha  BUT our actual member present Sister A—- pulled us through!  She said simply, “If you want to learn, will you stop and listen to the message these sisters have prepared for you?”  It was such a good lesson for me.  The gospel is true.  The Book of Mormon is true, it just is.  Anyone that sincerely desires to learn, WILL.  Those qualifications for getting an answer about the Book of Mormon  are truly stated in Moroni 10:3-5 asking in the name of Christ with a sincere heart and real intent.  Otherwise they have no promise.  Z—- has studied on line about Mormons for 40 plus hours, which seems like a lot!  But because he would not go to the right sources for that information, in fact refused to!  He learned things from unreliable sources which held him back from learning and growing with us.  We had to drop him at our third lesson but we will continue to keep contact.  He’s devoted and when he’s ready to start learning and keeping commitments we will be there.

I MET AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD!!!  I forgot to tell ya’ll about that last week.  He came this past Wednesday and all of us missionaries got to talk with him!!!  Elder Anderson and his wife are amazing.  I don’t know what it is about the wives of any leader but they are so amazing.  Maybe it is because I am a mama’s girl or maybe they are just amazingly blessed.  I feel they are select individuals.  We talked about many things.  Mostly about faith and the Prophet Joseph Smith as there has been A LOT of investigators with questions about him of late.  Living in the Bible belt people are pretty intense too.  One of the things that he said that really hit me was, “You are nothing.”  I feel this though has helped me in my own faith.  Accepting that there is much to learn from the Lord and that I have the need to grow.  When doubts come, instead of being quick to count on myself, I go to the source and I am patient with answers I receive while still asking, begging and pleading with the Lord for those answers.  Elder Anderson IS an apostle of the Lord and I was blown away to be there.

C—- is going to be baptized soon!  He is ready.  He’s got lots to learn still but he is ready.  What a miracle.  He was just riding his bike past us and we stopped and talked to him.  He told us he had prayed for someone to help him and then we came!  I have seen soooo many miracles here in Orange Park!

A wonderful family took us to St Augustine today.  Sending a photo.  Sister H— and  I won cleanest apartment award last week.  We got this trip for an award!  This week Brother Bell (who is my favorite because he reminds me of my own brother) in our ward referenced this talk.  I love to hear talks about gaining a testimony of anything.  Here is the link:


We had FOUR investigators at church all from different families!!!  One reading and praying every day AND CAME TO CHURCH!  She is the the sweetest, funniest lady I’ve met (not counting you mom)!  She told us this week, “I am so happy you kept asking me to read the Book of Mormon.”  She has been a member since she was 30 and never read it through.  She has just always jumped around reading.  It is a miracle that she read it and I feel so blessed to be a part of her feeling the joy that she expresses about it.   I love being a missionary so much.  I mean we get rejected LOTS.  People yell and chase after us and we do get into some seriously awkward conversations, but it is so worth it.


This week I have been studying every spare minute I can.  My time here is ticking and  I don’t want it to end.  This is that last stretch and I don’t want to waste it.  Doctrine and Covenants Section Four, “See that ye serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”


I love y’all, you each have amazing talents and I am so blessed to know you.  Lots of love, Muah!  Sister Winkler


Seeing so many miracles lately…Keeping Grandpa in my prayers…Family History investigator…Brother C—sees himself baptized already.

We are working with some great people.  Z—  is odd.  He came to the Family History Library and just asked to come to church and then called us asking us to teach him!  He reads alot of anti stuff.  We are working on that…We have a meeting with him tonight.  Kinda stressful.  Trying to figure out how to address his anti-mormon literature desires.

Then there is C—–.  He has started referring to himself as Brother C—-.  He is totally going to be baptized!   So many miracles have been happening lately.  I want to tell you all about then.  I will have to tell you them in person though they are just all sooo good!


Loving being a full-time missionary!  (Almost forgot the M—- family, keep praying for them.  They didn’t get to church Sunday last.)  I’m keeping Granpa in my prayers.  Missing and loving you lots.  Sister Winkler

Love Being a Missionary…Bringing them Closer to Christ…Church Official Statement…Yeah! Apostle Anderson

I love being a missionary.  Best week of my life!   Had such a great week just talking with everyone.  We taught this amazing family this week and had a great experience with them.  They committed to church and they didn’t show.  Which happens a lot.  hahaha  We think they got anti-ed though which is really saddening.

Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the twelve apostles is going to be coming on the 15th!  We are also going to be proselyting around the place where the Broadway Musical, “The Book of Mormon” will be playing.  This play came out while I was out on my mission so I don’t know too much about it.


Many investigators have asked me about it but I never quite knew what it was or if it had anything to do with the Church and I guessed it didn’t or else I would have probably heard something about it.  Turns out it has nothing to do with us and is written by the same people who wrote South Park.  When it shows in Jacksonville some missionaries will be allowed to stand outside and teach people about what The Book of Mormon REALLY  has to do with and how the two are NOT at all related.  The Church official statement is (and I really love this), “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but The Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”

  Wow, it is really hard to know what sources you can trust.  This play could mislead people who don’t know…

We have been teaching an excommunicated member.  She has a really strong testimony and wants to share the gospel.  We were pretty bold with her and she was pretty honest with us.  She says she is not ready yet to come back to church.  We are praying a lot for her.   Pray for her too.  her name is N…W….I pray for you daily too.  Love, love, love, you.  Sister Angelina Winkler

Crazy Hot-feels like I’m swimming…Setting Goals is inspired…Amazingly Giving Ward…

I loved skyping home on Christmas and seeing ya’ll!  Normally I get pretty distracted after skyping home, but this time it was just right back to work.  Hard to believe that will be the last time I Skype home on my mission.  Time flies.  No time has ever gone faster than while I have been in Florida serving the Lord.  Wow, every day I feel so amazed with how trusted we are with EVERYTHING.  Doctrine and Covenants 88:73


To whom much is given much is required.  Happy New Year! 2015 soon.   Time to set some goals.  President Uchtdorf said, “You don’t need an invitation before you start moving in the direction of your righteous goals.  You don’t need to wait for permission to become the person you were designed to be.”

This week has been a great week, full of memorable miracles and tender mercies.  I’ll share a few with you:

#1.  Setting goals in Golden Hour:  Wow! Goal setting is inspired.  We don’t always reach the goal that we set of people to teach or people to talk to but it pushes us just that much further.  We set a goal of talking to 10 people yesterday.  As we were out we wanted to reach that goal.  We were looking for people to talk to to make that goal.  There was a man biking past and Sister H—- spoke up and yelled, “Hello! Can we give you a card?”  He stopped and we talked to him for about 15 minutes about the restoration and invited him to church.  He said right before biking our way back from playing basketball he had prayed that he would find direction in his life.  He committed to come to Family Home Evening tonight!

#2.  Developing Christ-like attributes:  Towards the middle of my mission, I gave up on trying to develop these Christ like attributes because I noticed …life got hard when I started praying for them.  I started praying for Charity and set some goals of things that I would do daily so I could measure my progress.  About a month in I gave up and didn’t even notice it as giving up.  I just stopped praying for charity and forgot my q-card of goals.  I forgot about the all over goal of happiness and got lost in the little goals and at all the ways I had failed.  These past two months I’ve started working on Patience.  I set goals and I am working on them.  Throughout the day I remind myself when I am having troubles, “How can I exercise patience here and be happy?”  It changes everything.  I am nowhere near as patient as I would like to be, but I have grown.  These Christ-like attributes of Patience, Charity, Humility, Diligence, and Obedience are gifts that can be given us by God, but they are contingent on us asking for them.  I asked myself, “How much time have I wasted avoiding the tough things?”  It is amazing what our Father does with us if we simply ask for His help.

Anyways, Florida is crazy hot lately.  It feels like I’m swimming.  Wish y’all a Happy New Year!  We have an amazingly giving Ward here.  They literally give missionaries everything!  It is amazing.  A lady we didn’t even know today bought our groceries and much more… Love, Sister Winkler