Levi and the priesthood?..Great remedy for sickness…”If not now, when? If not me, who?”..

What a crazy week.  I got really sick on Saturday.  Sister P—– and I started changing her bike tire first thing in the morning because we got a flat.  Soon I left and puked my guts out, then came back, helped a little and then went and puked my guts out again.  After finishing changing the tire we went back out on our bikes and I thought I would not be able to handle it.  For the first bit I thought I would just have to accept that I was sick and go home but the fresh air and just getting to work helped a lot and a couple of hours later felt near completely fine.  The Lord’s work is a great remedy for sickness.

We had an investigator ask us this past week about the priesthood and how Levi had the priesthood because he was a descendant of Joseph and only the Levites had the authority.  I know that Aaron and his sons also received the Aaronic priesthood and that they were descendants of Levi.  We are not sure how to answer this question and can’t find much to go off of.  Have you ever encountered this question?  How did you deal with it?  

We testified of the truth of The Book of Mormon and committed them to continue reading and they are.  Though we won’t be seeing them for another week because of the holidays.  I love being a missionary.  I love teaching the gospel to investigators and members.

My companion and I had a contentious weekend.  I was just frustrated with her because I felt like I was always picking up after her and it just wasn’t going well.  We talked it through and I am trying to be more direct about the things people do that bother me.  I used to think that if I said something I’d offend, but now I just go ahead and tell them.  I am learning how to do that with love. 

There is lots of work to do here in Gainesville and I was reminded this week of something my institute teacher told me, “If not now, when?  If not me, who?”  How are things going back there in Canada?  I love ya’ll!  Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Levi and the priesthood?..Great remedy for sickness…”If not now, when? If not me, who?”..

  1. Dear Sister Angelina Winkler

    good to hear you are doing well and having faith to get trough the tough times like a flat tire and some sickness. the Lord gives us these trials that we can develop the faith to grow stronger. I commend you for your faith to rely on the Lord for your strength and your blessings even in the face of opposition. Remember that is exactly what Nephi did almost all his life , was to face opposition from his very own brothers and have then even try to kill him on several occasions and still he remained faithful and dedicated to the Gospel and his testimony of the Savior who had not yet even come, but had been prophesied would come and he believed in those prophecies. we like wise must do all we can to believe in what our current modern day prophet (Thomas S Monson ) tells us to do. And if we do all will be well with us. our trials will be but a small moment in time and we and our families will be blessed forever and throughout the eternities. what a great blessing that will be. just think of it we will be resurrected in the morning of the first resurrection crown with glory and immortality to live forever with Heavenly Father and Jesus and with all that they have ………wow what a blessing what a goal to live for…….. what a reward at the end of the tunnel . is it all worth living for is it all worth a few rough spots and trials here in our mortal sojourn …… I say yes it is more than worth it keep up the faith Angelina and keep up the fight IT IS ALL WORTH IT . with love
    your uncle Rod and auntie Susan and family

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