“Carpanionships”…She poured out tears…”Christ Season”…”How can I repent?”

Yes, I did get the package.  Thank you.  Lots of Cranberries for this Christ Season.  Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving here.  It still is an odd feeling that Thanksgiving is so late.  The Christmas music is beautiful.  Thank you for the CD.  It is always hard to find good music.  None of the “carpanionships” have much of any CDs so we go off of the good ones you have given me.  Some of them I love more than others.  I think my wonderful companion is bored with the current one though.  I am leaving it there until she says something…

Sarah Parshall: Mormon.


We went and looked for alligators today but it started storming so we just drove through Payne…Something Park…We are going to try another week when it is not so rainy and windy outside.  I took some cool pictures but they are on my camera and I don’t have a way to upload them right now.

Repentant Jonah

In answer to your question, my favorite part of this week was teaching a wonderful lady from Bulgaria.  She poured out tears as she asked, “How can I repent?’  One of the choice experiences on my mission.  One of the ward members is close with B—– so we are working with him to find out why he has dropped off our radar.  We have no solid date yet with H—– and K—-.  We are hoping to set one tonight so the ward can start making visits.  That is all about us.  Please tell that just about Elder Matthew S. that I’ll look forward to seeing him in two years!

John Winkler

Dad, why are you so awesome?  I love you all!  Sister Winkler


1 thought on ““Carpanionships”…She poured out tears…”Christ Season”…”How can I repent?”

  1. Dearest Sister WInkler

    well i’m glad you went looking for alligators and YOU COULDN”T FIND ANY or they didn’t find you. that sounds like it could be very exciting but also very dangerous and scary pass time. You are doing so well and we all love to hear from you and all your wonderful stories .
    We miss you here at home your smiling face and charitable heart and all you tender acts of kindness, but we know that you are doing an even greater work down there where you are. keep up the GREAT WORK and process of conversion of some of God’s Children down there in that neck of the woods. When do you come home ? it must be getting fairly close now eh ?
    with love always
    Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and family

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