Levi and the priesthood?..Great remedy for sickness…”If not now, when? If not me, who?”..

What a crazy week.  I got really sick on Saturday.  Sister P—– and I started changing her bike tire first thing in the morning because we got a flat.  Soon I left and puked my guts out, then came back, helped a little and then went and puked my guts out again.  After finishing changing the tire we went back out on our bikes and I thought I would not be able to handle it.  For the first bit I thought I would just have to accept that I was sick and go home but the fresh air and just getting to work helped a lot and a couple of hours later felt near completely fine.  The Lord’s work is a great remedy for sickness.

We had an investigator ask us this past week about the priesthood and how Levi had the priesthood because he was a descendant of Joseph and only the Levites had the authority.  I know that Aaron and his sons also received the Aaronic priesthood and that they were descendants of Levi.  We are not sure how to answer this question and can’t find much to go off of.  Have you ever encountered this question?  How did you deal with it?  

We testified of the truth of The Book of Mormon and committed them to continue reading and they are.  Though we won’t be seeing them for another week because of the holidays.  I love being a missionary.  I love teaching the gospel to investigators and members.

My companion and I had a contentious weekend.  I was just frustrated with her because I felt like I was always picking up after her and it just wasn’t going well.  We talked it through and I am trying to be more direct about the things people do that bother me.  I used to think that if I said something I’d offend, but now I just go ahead and tell them.  I am learning how to do that with love. 

There is lots of work to do here in Gainesville and I was reminded this week of something my institute teacher told me, “If not now, when?  If not me, who?”  How are things going back there in Canada?  I love ya’ll!  Sister Winkler


“Carpanionships”…She poured out tears…”Christ Season”…”How can I repent?”

Yes, I did get the package.  Thank you.  Lots of Cranberries for this Christ Season.  Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving here.  It still is an odd feeling that Thanksgiving is so late.  The Christmas music is beautiful.  Thank you for the CD.  It is always hard to find good music.  None of the “carpanionships” have much of any CDs so we go off of the good ones you have given me.  Some of them I love more than others.  I think my wonderful companion is bored with the current one though.  I am leaving it there until she says something…

Sarah Parshall: Mormon.


We went and looked for alligators today but it started storming so we just drove through Payne…Something Park…We are going to try another week when it is not so rainy and windy outside.  I took some cool pictures but they are on my camera and I don’t have a way to upload them right now.

Repentant Jonah

In answer to your question, my favorite part of this week was teaching a wonderful lady from Bulgaria.  She poured out tears as she asked, “How can I repent?’  One of the choice experiences on my mission.  One of the ward members is close with B—– so we are working with him to find out why he has dropped off our radar.  We have no solid date yet with H—– and K—-.  We are hoping to set one tonight so the ward can start making visits.  That is all about us.  Please tell that just about Elder Matthew S. that I’ll look forward to seeing him in two years!

John Winkler

Dad, why are you so awesome?  I love you all!  Sister Winkler

Focusing on the doctrine…Love Preach My Gospel…Sorry for the quick response…You are the best!

I love each of y’all!  I am sorry I don’t have more time!  Miracles do happen all the time!  I love Preach My Gospel!


We are teaching H—– and K—– and hoping to set a date with them tonight.  My recent convert is in the hospital in Lake City.  She got moved to Gainesville though so I’m going to get permission to see her.  Our Miracle man wants to come to church!  My missionary companion’s brother and sister-in-law got married and now she and her daughter have baptismal dates!  Yay!  

We are focusing on the doctrine.  Love, love love you!  Y’all are the best family ever and I really really mean that.  Love you so much.  Thank you for your email!  I am sorry this is such a quick response.  Love, Sister Winkler

Conversion from experience thirty years before…Read it, Prayed about it and knew it was true…Relief Society…Week of Miracles.

Hey Y’all!  This week we were dropped more than I have been my whole mission.  It has been a whirlwind of craziness.  We really had members step up though and come out with us to lessons.  We’ve still got some miracle investigators to work with.  At Stake Conference a couple of weeks ago we had a recent convert come up and share his conversion story with us.  He spoke of a time 30 years ago where missionaries came and shared the first lesson with him and his wife.  They both talked about it and his wife was  not in favor of them coming back.  So, even though he felt the Spirit when they shared the message with him, he did not continue to be taught by the sisters.  His life went on for thirty years, his wife and he got divorced, he cleaned up his life, stopped drinking and smoking and when he was ready, the thought came back into his mind of the message the Sisters had shared with him.  He picked up the phone and called some number which directed him to the http://www.Mormon.org website.  He read the Book of Mormon, 

prayed about it and knew that it was true.  He called the Elders in 5th Ward and told them that he knew it was true.  Keep sharing the gospel, the little things you do make the biggest impact and do not get discouraged.

We taught in Relief Society this past week.  We were reviewing Elder Klebingats talk from this past General Conference.


We talked about step number four.  Becoming really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly.  We talked about the steps of repentance and how we need to acknowledge the need we have for the Savior as we repent, as we acknowledge Him we can feel the true joy of repentance and the burden it relieves.  One of the the sisters in Relief Society spoke about forgiveness and she said, “Be ye therefore FLEXIBLE that ye be not bent out of shape.”  I loved it! hahaha.  Someone had shared that with her the night before when she was serving in the temple.

 We taught this amazingly elect guy named E______ last week and we set up a return appointment at the church for this past Wednesday.  We called before and he never showed, which was sad.  We got to see our members Home teachees though and it was a complete miracle that we got in to talk to them and the wife told us we were always welcome back and committed to come to church, but never showed up.  Halloween was spent at Sister M_______’s home where my companion carved a pumpkin and I ripped up carpet and painted a floor.  I am pretty much going to know everything about house maintenance after my mission.  I also re-cut our recent converts hair and one of our investigators.  They are both glad I am staying in Gainesville so I can continue to cut their hair. 

This winter in Florida is COLD!  I probably shouldn’t say that because I know it’s much colder for y’all.  We are getting some biking gloves though.  It is much colder than last winter but, maybe it is because I am on a bike.  My companion and I are praying for miracles this week with our investigators.  We had some pretty amazing experiences this past week.  Everything just starts to blur together and I am looking forward to sharing them with y’all in person some day.  Lots of love from Florida, Sister Winkler