Still in Gainesville…Temple Prayer Roll…Love to all and Extended family…Spoke at Stake Conference.

I didn’t get transferred!  I will be here another six weeks.  I spoke at Gainesville Stake Conference this week (I had four days notice which was good).  We have some awesome appointments set up for this coming week.  There are twelve missionaries in our district.

We also have Zone leaders.  They are at our District meetings every week, though we have only had two District meetings this transfer.

Noah the Prophet

We met this miracle man named E________.  We taught him the restoration and when we talked about prophets all he could say was, “Wow!  That makes so much sense.”  We talked to him about the spirit and how he would know…

Present Prophet: Thomas S. Monson

We have our next lesson at the church this week and our ward mission leader is going to be our member present.

Prayer at the Wailing Wall-Israel

Thank you for placing S______ on the Calgary Temple prayer roll.

Devon Potrie

I wish you’d send me a photo of my long haired cousin that is a boy.   Daddy and family and extended family, I LOVE YOU A LOT!  I am sorry my letter is not too descriptive.  STILL IN GAINESVILLE FLORIDA!  Sister Winkler


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