Talented, Beautiful Companion…Shaved a Cat…Miracle Lady…Anyone of your friends we can teach on Facebook?

Well, I didn’t get transferred…I did however move.  This is it!  The Zone leaders called us last week and told us we had to move so we had lessons all during the day and then moved everything by 9:00 pm.  We moved into the Elders old apartment.  We spent a good four hours just cleaning.  Kinda scary moving into a messy place.

Florida Jacksonville Mission lds

So, my amazing, talented, beautiful companion Sister M—–is being transferred to Georgia.  She will be white washing with another sister in our mission.  They are going to be a powerful set of missionaries who will teach all the peaches up there.  My new companion…I don’t know at all.   My trainer, Sister K—-, who is my new companions STL  right now wrote and asked me to work her hard.

Is there anyone you know that I can teach on Facebook?  If you do email me their name and tell me how I can find them, or suggest me as a friend to them on Facebook.  Remember, these are new friends…

We shaved a cat this week.  His name was Fly Kitty and he was not very grateful during the shaving, but is a very happy kitty now.  It will be remembered as a choice memory of my mission.

S—–F——- has been progressing.  We are teaching him and his wife The Plan of Salvation tonight.  We are also teaching a miracle lady tonight.  T——  and her family are steadily working and progressing.   They just need to keep getting to Church, that’s when things will start clicking for them.


Sharing the gospel gives us power.  I know you will be blessed as you do it.  Keep serving God, keep His commandments.  He will bless you as you do.  The gospel is a message of love and that is what His plan is founded on.   Love.   I love each of you so so so so much.  Keep loving life, Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Talented, Beautiful Companion…Shaved a Cat…Miracle Lady…Anyone of your friends we can teach on Facebook?

  1. That’s terrible that the Elders left you a messy apartment! Shame on them!!!

    I could only understand a portion of what you were saying about your companion being transferred to Georgia…

    Congratulations on those who you are teaching who are progressing!

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