Investigator at Church…Luke 11:11-13…The Lord’s Tender Mercy…Short Edgy Pixie Hair Cut.

We had an amazing lesson this week with S—F— and set a date with him.  We had a member of the Ward Council there and it was sooo good!   And guess what…?  WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR AT CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND IT WAS AMAZING!  We were sitting in the chapel…We had been waiting for him to come as he had promised.  We started to sing the opening hymn, “I Stand All Amazed,” our fellow-shipper had finally given up on looking for him to come and we were singing the chorus of the second verse when I looked back and saw him.  I started waving really big at our fellow-shipper and his wife and they turned around and motioned for him to sit with them.   This was completely a tender mercy.  He loved church and was taking pictures of the Gospel Principles Manual and emailing it to himself. 

He was even searching to find the church online in class.  Afterward I showed him how to download the gospel library and use it.  He was talking to his wife about the church this weekend and we have a date for the 27th!!!!!  We also visited with K—- this week and ended up talking with her about Luke 11:11-13 about how God only gives good gift.  It reminds me of President Uchtdorf’s talk,

“Grateful in Circumstance.”  These past months in Gainesville have been hard but they have been an answer to prayer.  Remembering that God only gives good gifts, that He has  a omniscient view has really helped me while I’ve been here.  I have learned that just choosing to be happy makes a big difference and I don’t want to forget that.  I am grateful  for my companion.  She is an amazing missionary and I think we will see great things because of her great faith.  I am also grateful for the wonderful Gainesville 2nd Ward and the fun, long rainy bike rides.  What a small price to pay…Lots of biking in the rain, lots of road kill that stinks, and lots of drenched days.  It’s been a funny week and I’ve learned a lot.  I cut our recent convert’s hair into a short edgy pixie cut.  I’ll have to send a picture.  It looks super cute.  I also highlighted her hair.  She loves it and looks really good.

I am praying and thinking about what what will come next after my mission.  I have no doubt I will know before I go home or have some direction on what to look into but for right now there are no decisions made.  My patriarchal blessing promises that I’ll know what to do when I need to, so I trust that I will.  Lots of Love, Sister Winkler

PS.  Elder C____ has been emailing me from the MTC and he should be in Hong Kong by now.  I am so excited for him.  He will be an amazing missionary!


1 thought on “Investigator at Church…Luke 11:11-13…The Lord’s Tender Mercy…Short Edgy Pixie Hair Cut.

  1. wow that all sounds so exciting It makes me want to be a full time proselyting missionary all over again soon !!!! keep up the great work !!!! 🙂 love uncle Rod and auntie Susan and family

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