Crazy Storming…Pit Bull…Hard Work, Obedience, Faith…Brad Wilcox Book Signing…



Yes, it has been crazy storming here and then suddenly very hot.  Those photos of Mom and Dad are sooo cute. I love the both of you so much.  I am glad you were able to be there at Brother Brad Wilcox’s book signing in Calgary this past weekend.   I cannot read his book while I am on my mission but when I get home I 


certainly will.  Thank you so much for getting me one!   So this week has been a good one.  My companion got the eye infection medication and that is going much  better for her.  On Wednesday she got bit by a pit bull as we were biking home.

 The persons that were walking their dog just left.  It bit through her skin and bruised her but it didn’t get deep enough to do much damage.  We had another late night doctor visit.  We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am.  The police are patrolling for the dog to see if it’s had the needed shots.  If they don’t find it or if the dog hasn’t, then Sister M___________ has to get the rabies vaccine.

Ang_photo wth watermelon 4 1

We have had much success working with members this week!  We are on the verge of teaching a few families.  We are hoping it progresses.  We are back to having no progressing investigators.  We have some amazing members and less actives but there has just been no-one.  We are looking and praying for someone, a family!  To teach.

 This past bit I’ve been dwelling on something President Craig told me.  He shared his formula of success consisting of Hard Work, Obedience and Faith.  This has helped in the work this week to just evaluate where we are lacking so we can fix it and become awesome.  Despite all the injuries and craziness we are doing well.  Very hazard prone, but well.  Lots of love, Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on “Crazy Storming…Pit Bull…Hard Work, Obedience, Faith…Brad Wilcox Book Signing…

  1. Angelina, Sister Winkler, I absolutely love you!!!! You have a wonderful attitude and I appreciate the relationship you have with your parents! Yours is a loving family!!!
    Best wishes for the coming week!

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