Dorks Rule!…Lead..towards goodness…Strengthen our Faith in Christ…Lessen the pain of poor choices and bind up wounds.

I had such an amazing week!  My new companion  Sister P——- is a big dork!  It’s awesome, she is sooo ready to learn and it helps me so much!  

Our new investigator R———- read and prayed about The Book of Mormon and then…Got  Antied…She said we were always welcome in her home.  We went by to work through her concern to help her get out what it was that was really holding her back.   BUT, she is not much interested in the Book of Mormon any more.  We have another lesson with her this Friday and a ward member is going to come with us…

S——F——, our investigator is doing awesome.  He is growing but he has only been to church once.  His wife is a pastor of her church.

Yesterday we had Elder Christoffell Golden come to Gainesville.  He is amazing!  He is from South Africa, and he and his wife had thick accents.  He talked about how the Holy Ghost talks to us, and how to discern what is from God and what is not.  He talked about anti- Mormon literature.  Something that stuck out to me was that even if 95% of the anti Mormon stuff out there were true, it still would have been written by the spirit of the devil and will not lead you towards goodness.  Elder Golden was so wonderful to be around.  I just wanted to listen to him answer all our questions.  He was super funny and he also corrected us immediately when he had to.  Soooo good.  When I was reading today in Alma 25:16, thinking about all he had said to to us about faith and how essential it is.  He answered one of my big questions while talking on faith.  Many people have told me on my mission that we are trying to earn our way to Heaven, but The Book of Mormon and Elder Golden say differently.  Salvation does not come by living the word of wisdom or by keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Those commandments serve to strengthen our faith in Christ.  The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will help gain enough faith to return to our Heavenly Father.

I was reading this CES devotional this week by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and it meant a lot to me and I thought it might mean something to y’all:

“In reality, the best way to help those we love—the best way to love them is to continue to put the Savior first.  If we cast ourselves adrift from the Lord out of sympathy for loved ones who are suffering or distressed, then we lose the means by which we might have helped them.  If, however, we remain firmly rooted in faith in Christ, we are in a position both to receive and offer divine help.  If (or I should say when) the moment comes that a beloved family member wants desperately to turn to the only true and lasting source of help, he or she will know whom to trust as a guide and companion.  In the meantime, with the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide, we can perform a steady ministry to lessen the pain of poor choices and bind up the wounds insofar as we are permitted.  Otherwise, we serve neither those we love nor ourselves.”

I love you lots and lots.  Sister Winkler


Talented, Beautiful Companion…Shaved a Cat…Miracle Lady…Anyone of your friends we can teach on Facebook?

Well, I didn’t get transferred…I did however move.  This is it!  The Zone leaders called us last week and told us we had to move so we had lessons all during the day and then moved everything by 9:00 pm.  We moved into the Elders old apartment.  We spent a good four hours just cleaning.  Kinda scary moving into a messy place.

Florida Jacksonville Mission lds

So, my amazing, talented, beautiful companion Sister M—–is being transferred to Georgia.  She will be white washing with another sister in our mission.  They are going to be a powerful set of missionaries who will teach all the peaches up there.  My new companion…I don’t know at all.   My trainer, Sister K—-, who is my new companions STL  right now wrote and asked me to work her hard.

Is there anyone you know that I can teach on Facebook?  If you do email me their name and tell me how I can find them, or suggest me as a friend to them on Facebook.  Remember, these are new friends…

We shaved a cat this week.  His name was Fly Kitty and he was not very grateful during the shaving, but is a very happy kitty now.  It will be remembered as a choice memory of my mission.

S—–F——- has been progressing.  We are teaching him and his wife The Plan of Salvation tonight.  We are also teaching a miracle lady tonight.  T——  and her family are steadily working and progressing.   They just need to keep getting to Church, that’s when things will start clicking for them.

Sharing the gospel gives us power.  I know you will be blessed as you do it.  Keep serving God, keep His commandments.  He will bless you as you do.  The gospel is a message of love and that is what His plan is founded on.   Love.   I love each of you so so so so much.  Keep loving life, Sister Winkler

Investigator at Church…Luke 11:11-13…The Lord’s Tender Mercy…Short Edgy Pixie Hair Cut.

We had an amazing lesson this week with S—F— and set a date with him.  We had a member of the Ward Council there and it was sooo good!   And guess what…?  WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR AT CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND IT WAS AMAZING!  We were sitting in the chapel…We had been waiting for him to come as he had promised.  We started to sing the opening hymn, “I Stand All Amazed,” our fellow-shipper had finally given up on looking for him to come and we were singing the chorus of the second verse when I looked back and saw him.  I started waving really big at our fellow-shipper and his wife and they turned around and motioned for him to sit with them.   This was completely a tender mercy.  He loved church and was taking pictures of the Gospel Principles Manual and emailing it to himself. 

He was even searching to find the church online in class.  Afterward I showed him how to download the gospel library and use it.  He was talking to his wife about the church this weekend and we have a date for the 27th!!!!!  We also visited with K—- this week and ended up talking with her about Luke 11:11-13 about how God only gives good gift.  It reminds me of President Uchtdorf’s talk,

“Grateful in Circumstance.”  These past months in Gainesville have been hard but they have been an answer to prayer.  Remembering that God only gives good gifts, that He has  a omniscient view has really helped me while I’ve been here.  I have learned that just choosing to be happy makes a big difference and I don’t want to forget that.  I am grateful  for my companion.  She is an amazing missionary and I think we will see great things because of her great faith.  I am also grateful for the wonderful Gainesville 2nd Ward and the fun, long rainy bike rides.  What a small price to pay…Lots of biking in the rain, lots of road kill that stinks, and lots of drenched days.  It’s been a funny week and I’ve learned a lot.  I cut our recent convert’s hair into a short edgy pixie cut.  I’ll have to send a picture.  It looks super cute.  I also highlighted her hair.  She loves it and looks really good.

I am praying and thinking about what what will come next after my mission.  I have no doubt I will know before I go home or have some direction on what to look into but for right now there are no decisions made.  My patriarchal blessing promises that I’ll know what to do when I need to, so I trust that I will.  Lots of Love, Sister Winkler

PS.  Elder C____ has been emailing me from the MTC and he should be in Hong Kong by now.  I am so excited for him.  He will be an amazing missionary!

Crazy Storming…Pit Bull…Hard Work, Obedience, Faith…Brad Wilcox Book Signing…



Yes, it has been crazy storming here and then suddenly very hot.  Those photos of Mom and Dad are sooo cute. I love the both of you so much.  I am glad you were able to be there at Brother Brad Wilcox’s book signing in Calgary this past weekend.   I cannot read his book while I am on my mission but when I get home I 


certainly will.  Thank you so much for getting me one!   So this week has been a good one.  My companion got the eye infection medication and that is going much  better for her.  On Wednesday she got bit by a pit bull as we were biking home.

 The persons that were walking their dog just left.  It bit through her skin and bruised her but it didn’t get deep enough to do much damage.  We had another late night doctor visit.  We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am.  The police are patrolling for the dog to see if it’s had the needed shots.  If they don’t find it or if the dog hasn’t, then Sister M___________ has to get the rabies vaccine.

Ang_photo wth watermelon 4 1

We have had much success working with members this week!  We are on the verge of teaching a few families.  We are hoping it progresses.  We are back to having no progressing investigators.  We have some amazing members and less actives but there has just been no-one.  We are looking and praying for someone, a family!  To teach.

 This past bit I’ve been dwelling on something President Craig told me.  He shared his formula of success consisting of Hard Work, Obedience and Faith.  This has helped in the work this week to just evaluate where we are lacking so we can fix it and become awesome.  Despite all the injuries and craziness we are doing well.  Very hazard prone, but well.  Lots of love, Sister Winkler