Blueprint of Christ’s Church…SOOOO hot…Ready to answer them with love…Pink eye.

101 degrees F.  It is SOOOOO hot here.  My companion has pink eye  and is really suffering so we’ll see how this week goes…

This past week was opportunities for service.   We saw quite a few less actives this week and in some cases I could see how things had gotten to the way they were.  Parents were trying to give direction to their kids and make sure they were on the right path so desperately that they forgot why they needed them to be at church and keeping the commandments. Some of these people were very Christ-like, serving and caring for anyone they see are in need.   We went to visit one of the ladies in our ward and there was a herd of goats on her porch and munching on her lawn.  It was pretty fun.  I just feel we have no-one to teach…No one.  We keep finding them and then we go back and they are not interested anymore.  It is easier to work with the members now that it is actually in the school year and the member don’t have these crazy schedules.

Check this link above it is a talk by Thomas S. Monson called, “What is the blueprint of Christ’s Church?”  I really like it.  It answers many of the questions we get asked on a day to day basis.  We need to keep being an example of Christ.  I pray mightily each day for us all.  Pray for them to have a question and pray that I can be ready to answer them with love.   In this I am working hard.  Loving it.  All and all it has been a hot, hard week.  I love you.  Your daughter, Sister Winkler


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