Mighty prayer and fasting…The Power of our calling comes in our recognition of our inadequacy…Rely on the Lord.

This week was such a blessing.  We made it a obligation and sincere object of prayer to find and teach!

We were blessed with six wonderful new investigators and many new potentials.  We had a lot of prayer and fasting this week.  I felt super weak and dehydrated.  I couldn’t really think straight.  But it all worked out, I was reminded that the attitude we have when obeying any of God’s commandments is essential.  The first day when we fasted my companion and I were pretty much complaining about how we were dehydrated and hungry…It was not a joyful fast.  We caught it and corrected ourselves.  Yesterday we fasted for members to invite investigators to church and to sit with them.  It completely changed the intent of the fast because our hearts were in it.

Gainesville has been a little dead for the summer, but now that school is starting shortly, more people should be here soon.  Our Ward is pretty big.  It ranges from 200 to 280 people who attend.

Our mission president this week in his email said:  “At times you may question who you are.  “Can I do what the Lord expects of me?  Am I worthy or am I adequate enough to do this?”  The scriptures remind us of others who felt the same and had their own similar questions.  “Enoch…bowed himself to the earth and asked; “Why is it I have found favor in Thy sight, I am but a lad and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?”  Moses asked, “Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?;  They will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice.”  Elder Larry Kacher said last week in the Kingsland Stake Conference that, “The power of our calling comes in recognition of our inadequacy and our humility to rely on the Lord to fulfill our calling and our purpose.”  Not sure what else to say…love y’all lots and take care.  Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Mighty prayer and fasting…The Power of our calling comes in our recognition of our inadequacy…Rely on the Lord.

  1. Inspiring message again Sister Winkler;) With his help we can accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible.
    Brother Cuckow spoke in our ward this week, he also brought the message of specific and heartfelt prayers for every areas of our lives. I love how at times we are both teachers and students in the gospel. Continuing poor quest for greater knowledge;) Have a great week!!

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