Orlando Temple Trip…Be like Christ…Afghanistan investigator…Child-like…Mother Teresa.

The temple trip this past week was amazing.  I learned so much at the temple this time.  The Orlando Temple is so beautiful.  I wish I could go back once a week…

photo 1 (2)

Orlando Florida Temple August 2014

Sister M__________ and I will be staying in Gainesville 2nd Ward for another transfer.  Many missionaries went home this transfer.  Yeah!  My MTC companion is coming to my zone then too!

photo 1 (1)

My MTC companion is in the black and white on my left

We are teaching this man from Afghanistan!  We had to get approval from our mission president to teach him.  He has such a pure intent, it is really great to see the effect the scriptures and the knowledge of Jesus Christ has on him.  He has questions about the ‘Atonement.’  He asked, “What is this Atonement, and what does it mean to me?”  We have taught him every day for the past four days and we are continuing to meet every day.  Teaching on SKYPE has been interesting.  We have had many people walk into our lessons.  Kind of funny how it all works out.  He is learning about Christ and here we are far away in Florida being a part of watching him grow and learn!

We talked in Ward Council this week about how to be effective teachers.  It all boiled down to essentially teaching with “love.”  A wonderful sister in our ward brought up a point that rang so true to me.  It was if you have to tell someone, “I do this out of love,” then it wasn’t done out of love.  If you for true want someone to feel the Savior’s love in what you say you have to have a Christ-like love for them.  Something that cannot be imitated or faked.  That is why charity, the pure love of Christ, is the greatest of all gifts.  If only I could develop just that one gift of Christ.


In Sacrament meeting this last Sunday, because it was fast and testimony meeting, anyone who wanted to could get up and bear their testimony.  A boy got up in our ward and talked about, “When do you feel the spirit most?”  He shared a story about a youth camp (EFY) he had gone to and the spirit he had felt saying the final closing prayer.  He bore an amazing testimony and sat back down.  This made me think to answer that question for myself…

I want to be child like and follow Christ’s example and show charity to all.  I loved your story about following Mother Teresa too.  

I am learning so much.  Getting to be a missionary is awesome.  I want to follow Jesus Christ.  He is the foundation of all that is good.  Thank you for your letters and  “stuff.”  -Sister Winkler


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