Blueprint of Christ’s Church…SOOOO hot…Ready to answer them with love…Pink eye.

101 degrees F.  It is SOOOOO hot here.  My companion has pink eye  and is really suffering so we’ll see how this week goes…

This past week was opportunities for service.   We saw quite a few less actives this week and in some cases I could see how things had gotten to the way they were.  Parents were trying to give direction to their kids and make sure they were on the right path so desperately that they forgot why they needed them to be at church and keeping the commandments. Some of these people were very Christ-like, serving and caring for anyone they see are in need.   We went to visit one of the ladies in our ward and there was a herd of goats on her porch and munching on her lawn.  It was pretty fun.  I just feel we have no-one to teach…No one.  We keep finding them and then we go back and they are not interested anymore.  It is easier to work with the members now that it is actually in the school year and the member don’t have these crazy schedules.

Check this link above it is a talk by Thomas S. Monson called, “What is the blueprint of Christ’s Church?”  I really like it.  It answers many of the questions we get asked on a day to day basis.  We need to keep being an example of Christ.  I pray mightily each day for us all.  Pray for them to have a question and pray that I can be ready to answer them with love.   In this I am working hard.  Loving it.  All and all it has been a hot, hard week.  I love you.  Your daughter, Sister Winkler


Mighty prayer and fasting…The Power of our calling comes in our recognition of our inadequacy…Rely on the Lord.

This week was such a blessing.  We made it a obligation and sincere object of prayer to find and teach!

We were blessed with six wonderful new investigators and many new potentials.  We had a lot of prayer and fasting this week.  I felt super weak and dehydrated.  I couldn’t really think straight.  But it all worked out, I was reminded that the attitude we have when obeying any of God’s commandments is essential.  The first day when we fasted my companion and I were pretty much complaining about how we were dehydrated and hungry…It was not a joyful fast.  We caught it and corrected ourselves.  Yesterday we fasted for members to invite investigators to church and to sit with them.  It completely changed the intent of the fast because our hearts were in it.

Gainesville has been a little dead for the summer, but now that school is starting shortly, more people should be here soon.  Our Ward is pretty big.  It ranges from 200 to 280 people who attend.

Our mission president this week in his email said:  “At times you may question who you are.  “Can I do what the Lord expects of me?  Am I worthy or am I adequate enough to do this?”  The scriptures remind us of others who felt the same and had their own similar questions.  “Enoch…bowed himself to the earth and asked; “Why is it I have found favor in Thy sight, I am but a lad and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?”  Moses asked, “Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?;  They will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice.”  Elder Larry Kacher said last week in the Kingsland Stake Conference that, “The power of our calling comes in recognition of our inadequacy and our humility to rely on the Lord to fulfill our calling and our purpose.”  Not sure what else to say…love y’all lots and take care.  Sister Winkler

He is finishing our faith…MYTHBUSTERS…The Lord was answering our prayers all along..

Elder D.Todd Christofferson came to Georgia.  He gave the missionaries a time to just ask him questions.  One  missionary asked, “How do we press forward when we don’t feel like our prayers are being answered?”  His response was, “You just keep going forward and things will work out.  Eventually you will be able to look back and see how the Lord was answering your prayers all along.”

Brother Brad Wilcox told it this way:  “There is a man in a hot desert who sees a fountain at the top of the hill.  With great effort he climbs the hill and receives the life-giving water.  What saved him?  Was it the climb, (his works) or was it the water, (the enabling power)?  THINK ABOUT THAT!  What we need to understand is the extent to which He goes to enable us to press forward.  The water may be at the top of the hill, but that is not where Christ is.  He comes down to the bottom of the hill and brings water to us.  That is how we  make the climb to the top.  He knows it will strengthen us and be for our best good.  Christ is not waiting for us at the finish line, He is finishing our faith.  The enabling power is not the prize at the end of the climb.  It is the power throughout the climb.”

As a companionship we look forward to the good days when my companion is well.  This week we have had some great days doing service.  I am studying and learning much.  I feel assured that I will look back shortly and really appreciate how this situation has changed (hopefully improved) me.  For now I have the strongest desire to go out and teach and baptize, and that I cannot do right now.   I loved that about us all needing to be congruent in all settings.  It is so easy to overlook your morals, especially when you have not defined what it is that you will or will not do in your life.  In each area with each companion setting a vision as to what you look forward to achieving and then working towards that.  It helps so much to see where you are headed.  Without vision we just walk in a circle.  They showed that on MYTHBUSTERS one time where they had a guy walk a straight line without any reference point and he ended up walking in BIG circles, but when he had a

reference point (the mountains…ie: Christ, The Commandments), he walked in a straight line. There is a lady in our ward who is amazing, seriously amazing and I love her sooo much.  This week we/she did lots of service!

photo 3 (1)

I love the bike.  The lights on it help cause it’s starting to get dark super early.  I shall send you a photo of that bike beauty!  Love Love Love You!  Sister Angelina Winkler

Orlando Temple Trip…Be like Christ…Afghanistan investigator…Child-like…Mother Teresa.

The temple trip this past week was amazing.  I learned so much at the temple this time.  The Orlando Temple is so beautiful.  I wish I could go back once a week…

photo 1 (2)

Orlando Florida Temple August 2014

Sister M__________ and I will be staying in Gainesville 2nd Ward for another transfer.  Many missionaries went home this transfer.  Yeah!  My MTC companion is coming to my zone then too!

photo 1 (1)

My MTC companion is in the black and white on my left

We are teaching this man from Afghanistan!  We had to get approval from our mission president to teach him.  He has such a pure intent, it is really great to see the effect the scriptures and the knowledge of Jesus Christ has on him.  He has questions about the ‘Atonement.’  He asked, “What is this Atonement, and what does it mean to me?”  We have taught him every day for the past four days and we are continuing to meet every day.  Teaching on SKYPE has been interesting.  We have had many people walk into our lessons.  Kind of funny how it all works out.  He is learning about Christ and here we are far away in Florida being a part of watching him grow and learn!

We talked in Ward Council this week about how to be effective teachers.  It all boiled down to essentially teaching with “love.”  A wonderful sister in our ward brought up a point that rang so true to me.  It was if you have to tell someone, “I do this out of love,” then it wasn’t done out of love.  If you for true want someone to feel the Savior’s love in what you say you have to have a Christ-like love for them.  Something that cannot be imitated or faked.  That is why charity, the pure love of Christ, is the greatest of all gifts.  If only I could develop just that one gift of Christ.


In Sacrament meeting this last Sunday, because it was fast and testimony meeting, anyone who wanted to could get up and bear their testimony.  A boy got up in our ward and talked about, “When do you feel the spirit most?”  He shared a story about a youth camp (EFY) he had gone to and the spirit he had felt saying the final closing prayer.  He bore an amazing testimony and sat back down.  This made me think to answer that question for myself…

I want to be child like and follow Christ’s example and show charity to all.  I loved your story about following Mother Teresa too.  

I am learning so much.  Getting to be a missionary is awesome.  I want to follow Jesus Christ.  He is the foundation of all that is good.  Thank you for your letters and  “stuff.”  -Sister Winkler