Fort Lauderdale Temple…Got my new Bike…World wide Geneology Indexing Day…She is my great Aunt!

Guess what?  Me and the Fort Lauderdale Temple will be getting to know each other this week!!!  I am so excited!!  I go on July 23rd!  My companion will stay here.  She will join a TRIPANIONSHIP (3) while I go to the temple with the same sister missionaries that I came out with.  All the ones that are just about ready to go home and others (like me) who are over half way through their mission are going.

Ang_photo of Gym 3

Sister M(my companion) with the crutches and us in front of a Stake Pioneer Day Booth

We have inserted some of the photos from last week’s Stake Pioneer Day.  The event was a huge success on many levels!

This was the booth we were totally in charge of.

This was the booth we were totally in charge of.

This is all of us Missionaries in Zone Three

This is all of us Missionaries in Zone Three

Yes!  I got my new bike!  It is beautiful!  I haven’t been able to bike on it yet, because of companion being on crutches, but am I looking forward to it.

We have done a lot of dropping this week.  We got dropped by three of our baptismal dates.  We dropped one of our baptismal dates.  One of our investigators was just being “shady” and has come into problems with the law.  My testimony has totally grown of dropping.  I mean it is really sad to see people reject the gospel and it almost feels like it is personal, but I know it is not.

Ang_Watermelon photo 4123

There is this lady in our Ward here that is related to the us Winklers.  She is my great aunt.  Oral Boychuck is friends with her too.  That is the lady who has the same birthday date as Grandma Ione Winkler.  They take us out to eat too.  The world is so small.

Looking forward to being in this Fort Lauderdale Temple this week

This has been an interesting week and I have been learning lots!   Be sure to stay far away from any dangerous “spiritual cliffs”.


Remember world wide geneology indexing today, we are off to do it right now!  Y’all are amazing and I miss and love you “lotta lotta” lots.  Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Fort Lauderdale Temple…Got my new Bike…World wide Geneology Indexing Day…She is my great Aunt!

  1. Dear Sister Angelina Winkler

    Well it is so good to hear about how you are doing… Sorry to hear that some of your contacts are choosing not to join the church at this time. That is always sad but you must always look on the bright side and say to yourself it is just a temporary decision that they are making today and IT IS NOT THE FINAL DECISION. Everybody has their entire mortal existence and even beyond to accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ hopefully and eventually they will all come around and you have played a major role in that process ….. in the eternal perspective. Keep up your phenomenal effort in hastening the work. We are proud of your every success, and feel for your sorrow in your non successes. Dear Angelina please always remember you are in our every prayer and fast. Keep on in doing your part in this great work, never let a day go by but what you haven’t done some good in some way shape or form, to advance the work. This is HIS work, and this is HIS church I know this as sure as I know these words are written in English.
    In as much as it is in me to give, any blessing for which I personally may qualify from Heavenly Father ( as few as that may be) , may Heaven Father redirect them to you and the great work you are performing and pour them down upon you and your companion as well as your investigators past, present, and future, that you may find heightened success in all that you do while in your fulltime service of the Lord?
    With Love
    Uncle Rod Susan and family

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