Teaching a Preacher…Christ like Love…Faith…Stake Pioneer Days…Grateful for “God loves us enough to cut us back”

This week we have been teaching a preacher for a Methodist Church.  She loves us.  We taught her the Restoration and gave her some “homework” and she completed it!  We called last night to confirm our lesson tonight and she told us she’d done the studying and wrote down her answers for us.  I love the commitment keepers!  So awesome that we get to be teaching her.  At her church she has been including us in her sermons!  It is cool and I’m sure that as time goes on this will have a impact somewhat on her congregation.  God works in mysterious ways.

My companion with investigators at the “Pioneer Days” Activity

Some of our wonderful investigators were at the “Pioneer Days” Activity this week where they were fellowshipped hard core.  The activity was awesome.  We had several booths from the Stake, the Spanish Branch made tortillas, our ward did many of the booths and we had a candy shop.  My companion and I even taught a couple of lessons there with all the people walking around.  They would walk around the gym and look at things.  We’d talk to everyone and teach the Plan of Salvation at the church we built.  We also had a rope making place, kids making bonnets, a BBQ and all that good stuff.  So many people and a really good use of our time.

The other night we had dinner with Bishop V—–and his family.  He said something that really stuck out to both my companion and myself when we talked afterwards.  He said, “The work doesn’t really start until you love your companion.”  That night we talked about trusting and valuing each other.  We taught some awesome people and got more Facebook investigators.  So awesome.  If anyone knows someone that we can teach on Facebook  let us know!

In district meeting this last week we talked about faith and how it is a gift from God.  We cannot attain faith by ourselves we need to go to God for only He can give us that gift.  We need to pray to Him for that gift with all our hearts and through our hope, it can grow.  I’ve been praying like crazy for that gift and for love!  The gospel enables us to do so much!  I love your emails about how God loves us enough to cut us back.  I think…maybe that is what He has been doing…cutting me back.  He is getting me to take a step back and really look at myself and see what I need to work on.  And there is a lot.

ALSO, we might be moving  in a couple of weeks because we are so far from our actual area.  Lots of love and grateful for your support.  Sister Winkler


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