Putting up a Fence for Service…Companion on Crutches…15 Stitches..The Gospel is True and I Love Ya’ll so Much.

Yes that is right, my companion is on crutches!  This week it POURED, POURED on Thursday and we were utterly drenched!  It was kinda comical, but at the same time it just kept on coming.  hahaha  We looked crazy talking to people as we were biking home, but I mostly just scared them.  So here is the story of how it happened…On Friday, (fourth of July), my companion and I were putting up a fence for service and she jumped on a T-post that has a shovel like pointy edged stabilizer to push it into the ground and it split through her shoe and foot…I called 911 for the first time and paramedics came.  The lady whose house we were doing the service for had gone out so we were the only ones there.  The paramedics said I could drive her to the hospital or she could take the ambulance, but I drove her.  She had to get stitches.  They are painful to just watch someone get.

In the foot there are many nerve endings so it was painful for her to get the four needles.  They called me in to hold her hand and wipe her tears.  We answered the doctors questions about us being missionaries and how we spend long times walking and biking.  The needle was bending on her skin cause her skin was so callused. hahaha  I was standing there thinking…”Man, it’s so hot in here…I can’t breathe…”  hahaha   I about fainted.  I sat down.  It’s different watching someone you know get stitches rather than just seeing it on T.V. or something.  She got fifteen stitches and it was pretty deep.  Muscle and fat were hanging out of her foot.  Gross.  Please remind me, if I ever need stitches, I’ll take the “other” option (whatever that is).

Regarding the work, we have had many appointments fall through, but we have had some very productive days, until we had to call emergency.  These next twelve days we will need the help of the ward members for travelling as my companion cannot bike for at least that long the doctor said.  Prayer has been a great help to me out here.  I know God wants us to talk with Him.  He knows us personally and He wants us to know He is there.  Thank you for putting our names on the prayer roll at the Calgary Temple.   The Book of Mormon is true.  I know that more than anything else.  Read it every day.   We are being very blessed.  The gospel is true and I love ya’ll so much.  Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Putting up a Fence for Service…Companion on Crutches…15 Stitches..The Gospel is True and I Love Ya’ll so Much.

  1. Dear Sister Angelina Winkler

    Well you can be lucky this accident was not you as I am sure you were protected to be able to “NOT BE THE ONE” who incurred the stitches. both you and your brother are having such great success. what great memories you are making for your entire lives , your posterity and for all eternity. Keep up the good work you are doing so well. The heat you are experiencing down there will make you appreciate the great cool weather we have back home here in Canada.

    love always

    Uncle Rod & Auntie Susan and Family

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