Hydration…Focus on Spiritual Aspect…”MayMay”…Poisoned?..Baptisms…Extreme Couponing Family…

You know their names and I cannot put them in the blog…You know the lady who grew up in India?..We had another lesson with her.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon, but she views it more as a casual study.  She grew up in India, is white and super wealthy now.  We want her to read, pray, read, write, read, pray, read, write (it is talked about in “Power of Everyday Missionaries”) but we can’t get her to focus on the spiritual aspect of it.  She really likes the Jaredites though.

Our other lady and her two children are working towards their baptismal date of August 9th!  She is having her fifth baby taken today by appointment.  They are the one who LOVE white people!  We have invited another family who are into extreme couponing to pray about a date for their baptism.  They are a super cute and so sweet and prepared for this big step in their lives.   Her husband is a handyman by profession.  They just need to develop that bond with The Book of Mormon and come to church!  The others are in progression…Keep praying for them…

I’m getting many of levels of brown, being on a bike half the time.  It has been super hot here actually the past week most days over 100.  Deodorant is my best friend here.  We am sooo loving here in Gainesville even though it is the most humid, hot part of the mission.  I have learned much about the importance of hydration and eating healthy these last weeks.   Biking does not support over eating, which makes it hard when members feed us and then later tell us there is dessert and we are stuffed!  I’ve learned my lesson.  Less is best! hahaha

Photo: Mason and I at the lower Johnston falls in Banff National Park Alberta Canada. Mason had a great time "hiking" to the falls while riding on my shoulders.

Cousin Scott and “MayMay” at Johnson’s Canyon (Banff) 2014

Sorry to be missing seeing little “MayMay,” Natalie pregnant, Brent Temple sealing, and all the family  “stuff” this summer.  Take lots of pictures and I’m looking forward to seeing them all next year.  

Not to alarm but… we got fed by a lady we just met this week, and I might have been poisoned.  There is this lady who is maybe crazy (and I want to say alcoholic)…So we saw her at the library and she had joked about feeding us to which I said, “Yeah, it sounds great!”  I am way too enthusiastic and need to stop encouraging things like that.  Anyways we didn’t think she was serious.  When we arrived she welcomed us in and sat us down. hahaha  At dinner I asked her what was in the peas and she wouldn’t tell me!  After she asked us if God would forgive her for murdering.  Ahhhh!  We shared the “Plan of Salvation” but she has no real intent, pray for her.

Thanks for reminding me Ramadan has begun.  We have a few Muslims we are working with here.   Hmmm…I feel like there is more to tell you…so much more.  Remember tomorrow is #Sharethebook  Go and find someone to Share The Book of Mormon with!  It will bless your life!   Love you lots!  Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on “Hydration…Focus on Spiritual Aspect…”MayMay”…Poisoned?..Baptisms…Extreme Couponing Family…

  1. Glad things are going so well work wise!
    I loved riding a bike during my mission! Enjoy it because it does help keep the weight down. 🙂 Hydration is essential!
    I’m also glad the lady you met in the library wasn’t successful in adding you to the list of those she is either planning on murdering or has already attempted to murder!!!!

  2. Dear Sister Angelina Winkler

    Great to hear of all the good news and some not so good news as well ( the potential poisoning ). Heavenly Father does protect all those striving to do their level best in his service, and especially His missionaries. you may have suffered some ill affects due to her actions but you were blessed to be able to survive the eventual outcome had you not been set apart to be His representative as a full time missionary.
    I will take the B of M share the Book challenge .

    Stay true and faith full

    Work hard and keep hydrated

    Love Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and Family

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