Our mustached singing Elders…Zone Sisters…Companion health is progressing…Temple Bound!

Ang_photo of Sisters 1

“Us Sisters”

I love you lots.  I hope you have the greatest time at family reunion this week!   Tell the family how much I love them.  We had such a great week this week.  Sister M———– stitches are about healed.   They look gross.  Turns out I am going this week Thursday to the Fort Lauderdale Temple (the date got changed).

Ang_photo of Missionay With Mustash 4 3

Our mustached singing Elders

 One of our investigators got married this week, so progression happens…Because of my companion’s health challenges we have no other progressing investigators…Yet!   

Thanks for the package.  The backpack is a great size.  It fits perfectly and is so easy to bike with.    I’ll send you more photos…Sister Winkler


Fort Lauderdale Temple…Got my new Bike…World wide Geneology Indexing Day…She is my great Aunt!

Guess what?  Me and the Fort Lauderdale Temple will be getting to know each other this week!!!  I am so excited!!  I go on July 23rd!  My companion will stay here.  She will join a TRIPANIONSHIP (3) while I go to the temple with the same sister missionaries that I came out with.  All the ones that are just about ready to go home and others (like me) who are over half way through their mission are going.

Ang_photo of Gym 3

Sister M(my companion) with the crutches and us in front of a Stake Pioneer Day Booth

We have inserted some of the photos from last week’s Stake Pioneer Day.  The event was a huge success on many levels!

This was the booth we were totally in charge of.

This was the booth we were totally in charge of.

This is all of us Missionaries in Zone Three

This is all of us Missionaries in Zone Three

Yes!  I got my new bike!  It is beautiful!  I haven’t been able to bike on it yet, because of companion being on crutches, but am I looking forward to it.

We have done a lot of dropping this week.  We got dropped by three of our baptismal dates.  We dropped one of our baptismal dates.  One of our investigators was just being “shady” and has come into problems with the law.  My testimony has totally grown of dropping.  I mean it is really sad to see people reject the gospel and it almost feels like it is personal, but I know it is not.

Ang_Watermelon photo 4123

There is this lady in our Ward here that is related to the us Winklers.  She is my great aunt.  Oral Boychuck is friends with her too.  That is the lady who has the same birthday date as Grandma Ione Winkler.  They take us out to eat too.  The world is so small.

Looking forward to being in this Fort Lauderdale Temple this week

This has been an interesting week and I have been learning lots!   Be sure to stay far away from any dangerous “spiritual cliffs”.


Remember world wide geneology indexing today, we are off to do it right now!  Y’all are amazing and I miss and love you “lotta lotta” lots.  Sister Winkler

Teaching a Preacher…Christ like Love…Faith…Stake Pioneer Days…Grateful for “God loves us enough to cut us back”

This week we have been teaching a preacher for a Methodist Church.  She loves us.  We taught her the Restoration and gave her some “homework” and she completed it!  We called last night to confirm our lesson tonight and she told us she’d done the studying and wrote down her answers for us.  I love the commitment keepers!  So awesome that we get to be teaching her.  At her church she has been including us in her sermons!  It is cool and I’m sure that as time goes on this will have a impact somewhat on her congregation.  God works in mysterious ways.

My companion with investigators at the “Pioneer Days” Activity

Some of our wonderful investigators were at the “Pioneer Days” Activity this week where they were fellowshipped hard core.  The activity was awesome.  We had several booths from the Stake, the Spanish Branch made tortillas, our ward did many of the booths and we had a candy shop.  My companion and I even taught a couple of lessons there with all the people walking around.  They would walk around the gym and look at things.  We’d talk to everyone and teach the Plan of Salvation at the church we built.  We also had a rope making place, kids making bonnets, a BBQ and all that good stuff.  So many people and a really good use of our time.

The other night we had dinner with Bishop V—–and his family.  He said something that really stuck out to both my companion and myself when we talked afterwards.  He said, “The work doesn’t really start until you love your companion.”  That night we talked about trusting and valuing each other.  We taught some awesome people and got more Facebook investigators.  So awesome.  If anyone knows someone that we can teach on Facebook  let us know!

In district meeting this last week we talked about faith and how it is a gift from God.  We cannot attain faith by ourselves we need to go to God for only He can give us that gift.  We need to pray to Him for that gift with all our hearts and through our hope, it can grow.  I’ve been praying like crazy for that gift and for love!  The gospel enables us to do so much!  I love your emails about how God loves us enough to cut us back.  I think…maybe that is what He has been doing…cutting me back.  He is getting me to take a step back and really look at myself and see what I need to work on.  And there is a lot.

ALSO, we might be moving  in a couple of weeks because we are so far from our actual area.  Lots of love and grateful for your support.  Sister Winkler

Putting up a Fence for Service…Companion on Crutches…15 Stitches..The Gospel is True and I Love Ya’ll so Much.

Yes that is right, my companion is on crutches!  This week it POURED, POURED on Thursday and we were utterly drenched!  It was kinda comical, but at the same time it just kept on coming.  hahaha  We looked crazy talking to people as we were biking home, but I mostly just scared them.  So here is the story of how it happened…On Friday, (fourth of July), my companion and I were putting up a fence for service and she jumped on a T-post that has a shovel like pointy edged stabilizer to push it into the ground and it split through her shoe and foot…I called 911 for the first time and paramedics came.  The lady whose house we were doing the service for had gone out so we were the only ones there.  The paramedics said I could drive her to the hospital or she could take the ambulance, but I drove her.  She had to get stitches.  They are painful to just watch someone get.

In the foot there are many nerve endings so it was painful for her to get the four needles.  They called me in to hold her hand and wipe her tears.  We answered the doctors questions about us being missionaries and how we spend long times walking and biking.  The needle was bending on her skin cause her skin was so callused. hahaha  I was standing there thinking…”Man, it’s so hot in here…I can’t breathe…”  hahaha   I about fainted.  I sat down.  It’s different watching someone you know get stitches rather than just seeing it on T.V. or something.  She got fifteen stitches and it was pretty deep.  Muscle and fat were hanging out of her foot.  Gross.  Please remind me, if I ever need stitches, I’ll take the “other” option (whatever that is).

Regarding the work, we have had many appointments fall through, but we have had some very productive days, until we had to call emergency.  These next twelve days we will need the help of the ward members for travelling as my companion cannot bike for at least that long the doctor said.  Prayer has been a great help to me out here.  I know God wants us to talk with Him.  He knows us personally and He wants us to know He is there.  Thank you for putting our names on the prayer roll at the Calgary Temple.   The Book of Mormon is true.  I know that more than anything else.  Read it every day.   We are being very blessed.  The gospel is true and I love ya’ll so much.  Sister Winkler

Hydration…Focus on Spiritual Aspect…”MayMay”…Poisoned?..Baptisms…Extreme Couponing Family…

You know their names and I cannot put them in the blog…You know the lady who grew up in India?..We had another lesson with her.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon, but she views it more as a casual study.  She grew up in India, is white and super wealthy now.  We want her to read, pray, read, write, read, pray, read, write (it is talked about in “Power of Everyday Missionaries”) but we can’t get her to focus on the spiritual aspect of it.  She really likes the Jaredites though.

Our other lady and her two children are working towards their baptismal date of August 9th!  She is having her fifth baby taken today by appointment.  They are the one who LOVE white people!  We have invited another family who are into extreme couponing to pray about a date for their baptism.  They are a super cute and so sweet and prepared for this big step in their lives.   Her husband is a handyman by profession.  They just need to develop that bond with The Book of Mormon and come to church!  The others are in progression…Keep praying for them…

I’m getting many of levels of brown, being on a bike half the time.  It has been super hot here actually the past week most days over 100.  Deodorant is my best friend here.  We am sooo loving here in Gainesville even though it is the most humid, hot part of the mission.  I have learned much about the importance of hydration and eating healthy these last weeks.   Biking does not support over eating, which makes it hard when members feed us and then later tell us there is dessert and we are stuffed!  I’ve learned my lesson.  Less is best! hahaha

Photo: Mason and I at the lower Johnston falls in Banff National Park Alberta Canada. Mason had a great time "hiking" to the falls while riding on my shoulders.

Cousin Scott and “MayMay” at Johnson’s Canyon (Banff) 2014

Sorry to be missing seeing little “MayMay,” Natalie pregnant, Brent Temple sealing, and all the family  “stuff” this summer.  Take lots of pictures and I’m looking forward to seeing them all next year.  

Not to alarm but… we got fed by a lady we just met this week, and I might have been poisoned.  There is this lady who is maybe crazy (and I want to say alcoholic)…So we saw her at the library and she had joked about feeding us to which I said, “Yeah, it sounds great!”  I am way too enthusiastic and need to stop encouraging things like that.  Anyways we didn’t think she was serious.  When we arrived she welcomed us in and sat us down. hahaha  At dinner I asked her what was in the peas and she wouldn’t tell me!  After she asked us if God would forgive her for murdering.  Ahhhh!  We shared the “Plan of Salvation” but she has no real intent, pray for her.

Thanks for reminding me Ramadan has begun.  We have a few Muslims we are working with here.   Hmmm…I feel like there is more to tell you…so much more.  Remember tomorrow is #Sharethebook  Go and find someone to Share The Book of Mormon with!  It will bless your life!   Love you lots!  Sister Winkler