#LiveTheBook…Week 3…Miracles Happen…Testifies of Truth…Baptisms…

Miss and love you all so much!  We have had some crazy days for the past couple, and it has been a learning experience.  I wish I could just tell ya’ll all that’s happening, the things I’m learning and just how amazing things are verbally but I really am not the best writer so I apologize for these awkward letters home.  Things probably sound dull, but I promise they are not.

This is #LiveTheBook week. Go to Facebook at #Livethebook and share your testimony too.  Invite all to #Discoverthebook and to #Searchthebook too.  I wanted to share a little bit of what I learned this week about the Holy Ghost.  The role of the Holy Ghost is to testify of truth, everything that is true is thus related to the gospel and comes from God.  If it testifies there is no God and no Christ then it is not truth.  I think it’s meaningful that the Holy Ghost testifies to each of us so differently.  I often get shivers, just physically feeling that the Holy Ghost is there and we each need to identify His presence for ourselves.  It is not dependent on where you stand.  A child in Lake City when his mom told him she could feel the spirit he walked over to where she was and told her, “Funny, I don’t feel it.”  Rather it is dependent on your desires and where your heart is.  We cannot deny the spirit.  We cannot deny the truth.  We can pull ourselves away from having Him with us, but that is based on our choices.  We can always choose to have the Spirit with us, it just comes down to choices we make.  I guess, we just all need to write a book of the way we are growing each day.  (OH YEAH! right, that is why we keep a journal…) 

We set a baptismal date with a wonderful lady and her two children.  She has four with one more on the way.  They are so excited for their baptisms and want to start making changes in their lives.  They are a black family in Archer and they LOVE white people so we told “em” we have tons of white people in our church. hahaha  They are so prepared for the message of the restored gospel.  It grows my testimony that God cares for His children sooo much.

I set a goal a while ago to read the Book of Mormon five times on my mission and there goes #2!  I love The Book of Mormon so much.  It answers my questions and just testifies again and again of Christ to me.  I want to read it every day of my life even on my death bed, highlighting crayons and all…hahaha  Miracles happen.  Love to all…Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on “#LiveTheBook…Week 3…Miracles Happen…Testifies of Truth…Baptisms…

  1. Dearest Niece Angelina (Sister Winkler)
    it is so good to hear your faith enlarging stories and it helps us all back home here to see how you have grown and continue to grow. The Church of Jesus Christ is true and it is our job to make good people better by bringing them unto Christ that they may enjoy the all the blessings that we do.
    keep up the fantastic work .

    we love you

    Uncle rod Susan and family

    • It is wonderful that ALL of man kind can keep learning,all our lives and then into the eternities. We think as do our investigators, that our eyes have been opened to a great vista of truth, along with that view , we see we have a lot more to learn. Ever learning and coming closer to the complete truth, or light or Christ. Keep up the great work . Love Randy

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