#Searchthebook, Week Two of the Challenge, #Discoverthebook was great last week, Zone Conference…

Sister W & Sister MSister M———- is not well and I have been getting lots of reading done. Sometimes the first month of a companionship is the hardest.   We are working better together all the time.  Good news, because she has been unwell, I am on page 468 in The Book of Mormon.  I had been behind in the Book of Mormon and now I am like 40 pages from being done.  I love it.   We reached a lot of our goals (and we set some high ones) this week-which is great!

We had Zone Conference this week and this is our happy picture.  The online #discoverthebook Challenge was last week.  An online investigator from Saskatchewan found us last week.  We have been having awesome talks and she is going to be baptized!   

Sister-Angelina Winkler

This week is #searchthebook and it is to be a picture of you reading the book and you share an AHA moment you’ve had in The Book of Mormon-when something just “clicked” for you in The Book of Mormon.  I will keep inviting you to all the events each week.

This is week two of the challenge.  It all comes down to the group CALLED TO SHARE!  There are 4 events within it.  The first was #discoverthebook..and in case you were curious…IT WAS A SUCCESS!!  It was trending on Facebook, Mormon.org did a story on us as well as Deseret News!  Salt Lake City Church Headquarters contacted our mission.  They were very pleased and there have been so many miracles that have come because of it!!!

Photo: Thanks to my awesome roommate for sending me this quote. :)

So, part two is tomorrow and this time you don’t want to miss out!  It is #searchthebook and you post a picture of you reading the Book of Mormon in your favorite place and a great experience you had with it, or your favorite scripture and why.  Invite all your friends to participate!!  Let’s make it amazing!  Lots of love, Sister Winkler


1 thought on “#Searchthebook, Week Two of the Challenge, #Discoverthebook was great last week, Zone Conference…

  1. You are looking great!
    Sounds like your missionary FaceBook program has been successful so far. It an be difficult having a sick companion when all you really want to do is teach! I’m so proud of you for taking advantage of the situation to study the Book of Mormon!!!
    Thanks for sharing your mission!

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