Gainesville!..Training again…Rich people…Car-panionship…And testimony of obedience.

Guess what!!!????!?!??!?  Sister Winkler is on a bike!  Woo!!!  Watch out Gainesville hahaha.  It’s mad.  We are in a car share so we get a car every other day.  We have to meet up at 8:30pm every night to pick each other up and put our bikes on the nike racks which takes forever because our bikes are meant for kids…my bike says “tiara pro” on the side…it’s for real.  I Iove biking though, it’s so awesome.

Our main working areas are in Gainesville and a small town named Archer, which is about a 20-30 minute drive away which makes things really tricky because itis our main working area and we can only get there every other day.  The people in Gainesville all have super mansion houses.  They are generally Catholic from what I have noticed.  It’s nice though because there is a bunch of people outside so we can finally street contact.  So so sweet!  Archer is way Ghetto.  There are lots of fights and drug deals going on there.  Most of the “clean living” people stay inside their homes and don’t answer their door to people.  In that way it is difficult.  There is this lady we met there who wants to pimp us out I think…She keeps offering for us to move in with her.  At first we thought she was kidding, but now we are not so sure.  I am not sure if she has much true intent.  We are going to stop by with a Ward member and see what’s up.

Sister M——– is my new companion and she is my new favorite person!  She is exactly what I have been praying for.  I am second half training her.  She got out 6 weeks ago.  Her and her trainer did not get along at all.  There was a lot of disobedience issues.  I am so happy to be here though.  It is a big adjustment from Lake City though.  Her birthday is tomorrow!! Today is birthday P-Day!

In all honesty I am having a rough time.  We have zero progressing investigators.  We do have two very recent converts though.  One of them got into a fight with one of the Ward members and didn’t come on Sunday after saying that was all she wanted to do with us.  It was sad.  I was frustrated Sunday because we had church starting then it seemed like everything was blowing up and Sister M——— was alright with it and I was like, “This is not okay!”  I am learning to choose my battles though.  She hasn’t been trained period.  From what I understand, she is very smart though and for the most part wants to do what is right. Just building a testimony of obedience.

I have been learning lots this past week.  Just kinda keeping my feet on the ground.  Ya’ll are pretty awesome people.  I hope your May is going good.  Time goes so fast with transfers and all…There is so much I wish I could just upload it all from my brain.  I am learning so much.  Ya’ll are amazing.  Love ya’ll, Sister Winkler


1 thought on “Gainesville!..Training again…Rich people…Car-panionship…And testimony of obedience.

  1. Your letter home this week seemed to echo a hint of discouragement and disappointment because you have not had any progressing contacts. Missionary work is hard as you have come to know , but you have also come to know that it is also sooooo worth it. You know life (in general ) is full of discouragement and disappointment small and large we must learn to deal with them all and take them with a spring in our step and a smile on our face and hope for the future. I would ask you to ponder for a moment of the discouragement of the Savior of the world as he was rejected of men and even though he was the last person on earth that deserved what he received ( as the only sinless person to ever live on the earth ) yet he was rejected, spit upon, judged, reviled, flogged, took the place of a murderer, bled from every pore to pay the price of our sins, suffered pain beyond belief, hunger, thirst, humiliation, deprivation, abandonment, and so much more we as mere mortals could never understand. All this for us , because he loved us and wanted to have us come back to live with Him and His Father, together as families forever. He truly descended below all things for us individually and collectively , for all those who repent and believe in Him and obey His commandments. I love Him because He did all this for me if I would but just follow him. Some days I do good and others I don’t do so well but over all I feel I am making forward progress towards earning the privilege of returning to live with Him, and that is a good thing. I don’t know when I will be called home to Him ( hope I have many more years of mortal improvement to come) all I pray for is that when I am called home that it will be a great day and not a terrible day.
    We stayed home for the long weekend and had family visit from Surrey ( James and Aria and the grandchildren ) arrived Thursday evening and stayed until Monday evening it was good to see them, visit with them, and be able to reacquaint ourselves with them for the weekend. Jennie has grown so much and david is getting bigger and is talking pretty good as well. I don’t know if you know (or have heard yet ) but Aria is expecting their third child right now ( due in December)
    I didn’t see them much on Sunday as I was asked to speak as a visiting High Councilman’s companion speaker, because his speaking companion had bailed on him. I was happy to help out … and was assigned to speak on “ The Family “ a proclamation to the world. I was happy to speak on that topic. But as it turned out some other members of the High Council found out that I was subbing in for someone that bailed and they asked me to accompany them and speak on their ward assignment, as their companion speakers had bailed on them as well . In the end I gave the same talk 3 times once at 9:00 am in the crystal Ridge ward , again at 11:00 am in the sheep river ward , and again at 1:00 pm at the shawnessy ward. It was a great learning experience for me and a great spiritual opportunity in all three settings.
    Sometimes opportunities (blessings ) come in all shapes and sizes. Mom (Susan) stated later well honey all you have to do is given a fireside in the evening and it will had a full day. I laughed and but was okay without the fireside as we had home teachers come and we had James and Aria who were already there and then Mom invited Dain and Lori over for supper so it was a full day after all. We had a great game of Settlers of Catan in the evening, it was fun

    Well have a great week Angelina & always remember to keep up the intensity and always remember Who’s errand you are on. Always try to think of better and more efficient ways of accomplishing more with less time. As it is the Lord’s time that you are currently on , so try not to waste one minute of it if you can ?

    We all love and support you

    Love always

    Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and family

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