“One Must Not Roam Through Garbage…Barbara Barrington Jones…Alligator Lake…and Heartburn.

Hey Ya’ll I miss ya.  We went to Alligator Lake last week on P-day and I saw a gator!

A member in Price Creek Ward had all of us missionaries over to their home that day and we BBQ’d deer meat and all that.  It was fun, but a really hot day.  We all got sunburns but it was worth it!

Zone meeting was amazing this week.  Last month we got 16/20 baptisms as a zone!  That’s one short of the mission RECORD!  And we are one of the smallest zones!  It is amazing what having faith in a goal can change!

One of our “Gators” crushed my heart.  He has been telling us  he has been living the Word of Wisdom for months, but something has been up lately.  We had a lesson after a long time of not seeing him and he bore his testimony to us about the Gospel and Joseph Smith and him receiving answers.  We drove past after the lesson and he was smoking…We are going to have a lesson with him tonight and talk with him about how if he is not being honest we can’t help him.  Really to find out where his desires are.  It’s just a silly situation!  At first I was just angry with him lying to us!  But, now I am calmer after praying much about it.  It is going to be a difficult night…

We watched all sessions of General Conference at the church.  It was awesome!  Somehow we ended up being super tired both those days.  Maybe it’s because laziness promotes laziness but we were super tired.  A lady in the Ward offered to feed us and on our way there the Elders told us to tell her to “share the love.”  Wonderful Sister C——- seemed to think this was funny so she called them and told them they could come and eat on the porch.  So they did! hahaha  The Elders never get fed!  Sister C——– has met Sister Barbara Barrington Jones!  She is my favorite!  I loved her at BYU Education days.  I want to be like her someday.

Barbara Barrington Jones

We are doing a 90 day Book of Mormon read and this morning I read in first Nephi 16:23-25 where Nephi breaks his bow and Lehi and Sariah and all the family are complaining and murmuring against him and God.  Nephi is like, “no sweat” and builds a bow out of wood and an arrow out of a stick.  Then goes to his father who has been complaining and asks, “Whither shall I go to find food?”  Lehi then humbles himself before God, prays and gets the direction from God.  Sometimes I just want to do things all by myself, being like, well ya’ll are wicked, I am just going to do this thing right and get all I need to done, then from these works ya’ll see that you need to rely on God. hahaha  But no, we need to rely on others, allow them the chance to straighten themselves.  Allow them to humble themselves by calling on God.  Let them know they are important and needed.   Awesome lesson 493 pages left! hahaha

Hahaha, So there is this man the Elders have been teaching and he is a trip.  Seriously the oddest person, I love it!  He got baptized two weeks ago and the Elders had talked to him about his baptismal program and he said he wanted a picture of himself with his cowboy hat on standing out in the country (which is your front lawn pretty much here) AND He wanted the scripture MATTHEW 5:28 on the front…hahaha  It says, “But I say unto you that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”  After much negotiation he got his picture and scripture on there. hahaha  He was baptized and received the Holy Ghost the following day at Church.  He seemed to be confused about what would happen when he received the Holy Ghost, knowing it was a baptism by fire.  Before going up to the front in Sacrament meeting he told Elder H—-,”If I die today, I am prepared to meet my Maker.”  hahaha  After he told us in Gospel Principles Class that he thought maybe he would get heartburn or something like that, but what actually happened was better.  He is going to be a great member of the Deep Creek Ward!

Another fun story…Well this week we met with V——.  We had prayed with her husband F—– MONTHS ago in his driveway and we stopped by twice after that on Ace Lane and she would talk with us through her door.  A couple weeks ago we finally met her!!  We were driving down into the area to have our golden hour and I see Ace Lane!  I never think much when I am driving past but, “Vivian and Frank” popped into my head!  So, we made a quick turn, drove down the street right up to a lady walking her dogs.  We drove right up beside her and asked, “Hello, Are you Vivian?”  She said, “Yes!”  We set up an appointment with her!  Amazing right? hahaha  We came back to meet with her.  It was the toughest lesson we’ve ever had!  She was just talking about slavery the whole time.  (She is black.)  It was so hard to get the Spirit in there.  At one point she was referencing to “google search” and saying she had all the information right in front of her.  I was sitting there like, “Did you really just say that?”  hahaha  But with the Holy Ghost there we got through the first half of the restoration with A LOT of side canyons.  Now she is reading AND praying about the Book of Mormon AND watching General Conference!  We will see her again tomorrow!  Anyways, I’ll be praying for ya’ll.  Keep being amazing!  Lots of Love.  Sister Angelina Winkler

 P.S. Favorite quote from General Conference, “One must not roam through garbage” -Marcus A Aidukaitis https://www.lds.org/church/leader/marcos-a-aidukaitis?lang=eng

Marcos A. Aidukaitis


2 thoughts on ““One Must Not Roam Through Garbage…Barbara Barrington Jones…Alligator Lake…and Heartburn.

  1. I loved reading your letter this week! You are such a riot! I appreciate the perspective you put into your comments about the work and those who are being taught!!!!!
    Remember to walk with the angels

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