So Happy to be Staying in Lake City…Opportunities for Serving…Live Rat…General Conference…

No transfer for me.  I am so shocked I get to stay here.  It kills me…I AM SO HAPPY TO BE STAYING IN LAKE CITY!!!  I love this ward!  

We have had many opportunities for service this week.  We cleaned this lady’s house in the ward who had a minor stroke.  We are doing it as a ward and the house really needs this cleaning.  It smells like the flood jobs that we worked when Calgary flooded last summer.

There was a live rat in their bedroom.  

Lady on Mobility Scooter

B—-G—-, who got baptized in December is becoming such a member missionary.  She said if she felt better in the summer she’d come out on a scooter with us!  hahaha  She is so cute.

We are making these cards to invite people to General Conference.  I am so excited for this coming weekend.  It is so hot here.  I think I am melting down because of the heat.  I miss hot yoga very much, but it feels like I am in hot yoga everyday here.  Tracting is like hot yoga in the heat.  We exercise for 30 minutes each morning.  hahaha  It is sooo hot!  My hair is going black people curly.  You just got to love it. 

Keep being happy and healthy!  Love you lots!  Sister Winkler


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