“You did not just say that…” Orlando Temple,…Such a Pure Heart…She Continues to be on Our Minds…

Transfers are next week on April 2nd and I will be transferred.  That means that I will write ya’ll on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Happy Birthday 94th Grandpa  and please send me a photo.  Now about our wonderful people!  PR came out with us on a trade off and it was amazing.  We have been working on getting her to come out with us so she can help others, receive the blessing of doing missionary work so she can endure to the end.  She wasn’t at church this week though.  We met with an older lady that was baptized one year ago and all she wants to do is go to the temple.  Her health is not good.  The cancer in her lungs isn’t all out so she is at the health center on oxygen.  She has such a pure heart.  It was the most wonderful thing to be part of these sisters meeting together, and working to go to the temple together as friends helping each other.

 We also visited a lady who has been a member all her life but has some very colorful language.  I had to pray in my mind, and also started laughing because she is such a sweet old lady….hahaha  All our eyes got really big and we were like, “You did not just say that….” hahaha

One of our persons messaged us on Facebook and asked us to come over!!  We met with him!  He found out his aunt is a member and has been for 25 years.  She lives in Alabama and she said if he has any questions she would be there for him.  I am sad I will probably not be here for his baptism.  He is sooo close….

KM has been reading/playing the scriptures out loud with her son.  She is understanding them better.  AB has been working with the Elders because they do sign language, but we are going over there to see her because she has not been to church and she continues to be on our minds.  We haven’t been able to meet with JL.  Maybe she is dodging us?  HL has repented.  I am so happy for her, I love that girl, she just makes some silly choices.  Thank you for praying for them and the others.  It really makes a difference.  I love you.  Sister Angelina Winkler


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