Sister Missionary Stalkers…Companion’s Birthday…God’s Promises Always Stand True!

Hey, ya’ll not much time…We had an awesome week.  It was my companions birthday.  She is from Utah, but she spent most summers in the South (in North Carolina) so she loves all things Southern!  She even talks Southern sometimes…it is crazy!!!  So…for her birthday I learned to make grits.  They are way easy to make and I am proud of myself.  I am becoming a regular type chef out here. hahaha

We finally met with this family we had been trying to meet with forever!  We knocked on the door and the son was the only one at home so we figured we’d share a message at the door.  After we taught him, we were about to pray, and his mother and sisters arrived!  Hallelujah!  We were able to read with all of them except the father, and commit them to read and pray and they said they would do that as a family.  They didn’t come to church though.  The difficult thing is the wife works out of town Friday-Monday so she is not here for Sunday and the father has congestive heart failure so he doesn’t feel well most of the time.  They are starting to understand more and we are really working on helping them to feel the spirit and understand how it is speaking to them…

Another guy, G— just fell off the planet.  We keep setting up appointments and they keep falling through.  We are worried about him.  We teach another lady on his street and we always drive by super slow to see if he is outside playing his guitar.

 No luck so far.  We will get him though…hahaha.  Missionaries are great stalkers!

There is lots more happening but it will wait.  Love ya’ll.  Have a blessed week!  Hope all is well. Keep me updated and don’t forget God’s promises always stand true!  – Sister Winkler


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