“You did not just say that…” Orlando Temple,…Such a Pure Heart…She Continues to be on Our Minds…

Transfers are next week on April 2nd and I will be transferred.  That means that I will write ya’ll on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Happy Birthday 94th Grandpa  and please send me a photo.  Now about our wonderful people!  PR came out with us on a trade off and it was amazing.  We have been working on getting her to come out with us so she can help others, receive the blessing of doing missionary work so she can endure to the end.  She wasn’t at church this week though.  We met with an older lady that was baptized one year ago and all she wants to do is go to the temple.  Her health is not good.  The cancer in her lungs isn’t all out so she is at the health center on oxygen.  She has such a pure heart.  It was the most wonderful thing to be part of these sisters meeting together, and working to go to the temple together as friends helping each other.

 We also visited a lady who has been a member all her life but has some very colorful language.  I had to pray in my mind, and also started laughing because she is such a sweet old lady….hahaha  All our eyes got really big and we were like, “You did not just say that….” hahaha

One of our persons messaged us on Facebook and asked us to come over!!  We met with him!  He found out his aunt is a member and has been for 25 years.  She lives in Alabama and she said if he has any questions she would be there for him.  I am sad I will probably not be here for his baptism.  He is sooo close….

KM has been reading/playing the scriptures out loud with her son.  She is understanding them better.  AB has been working with the Elders because they do sign language, but we are going over there to see her because she has not been to church and she continues to be on our minds.  We haven’t been able to meet with JL.  Maybe she is dodging us?  HL has repented.  I am so happy for her, I love that girl, she just makes some silly choices.  Thank you for praying for them and the others.  It really makes a difference.  I love you.  Sister Angelina Winkler


Sister Missionary Stalkers…Companion’s Birthday…God’s Promises Always Stand True!

Hey, ya’ll not much time…We had an awesome week.  It was my companions birthday.  She is from Utah, but she spent most summers in the South (in North Carolina) so she loves all things Southern!  She even talks Southern sometimes…it is crazy!!!  So…for her birthday I learned to make grits.  They are way easy to make and I am proud of myself.  I am becoming a regular type chef out here. hahaha

We finally met with this family we had been trying to meet with forever!  We knocked on the door and the son was the only one at home so we figured we’d share a message at the door.  After we taught him, we were about to pray, and his mother and sisters arrived!  Hallelujah!  We were able to read with all of them except the father, and commit them to read and pray and they said they would do that as a family.  They didn’t come to church though.  The difficult thing is the wife works out of town Friday-Monday so she is not here for Sunday and the father has congestive heart failure so he doesn’t feel well most of the time.  They are starting to understand more and we are really working on helping them to feel the spirit and understand how it is speaking to them…

Another guy, G— just fell off the planet.  We keep setting up appointments and they keep falling through.  We are worried about him.  We teach another lady on his street and we always drive by super slow to see if he is outside playing his guitar.

 No luck so far.  We will get him though…hahaha.  Missionaries are great stalkers!

There is lots more happening but it will wait.  Love ya’ll.  Have a blessed week!  Hope all is well. Keep me updated and don’t forget God’s promises always stand true!  – Sister Winkler

Sister Angelina Winkler Facebook…The Lord’s Secret Weapon…I Believe in Christ.

Photo: "President Hinckley has asked us to become a vast army with enthusiasm for this work. As we do so, we will become one of the mightiest forces for good this world has ever seen. For we, the sisters...are women of God....I like to think of us as the Lord’s secret weapon."-Sheri Dew. I love the Lake City Zone Sisters!!

Go to see “Sister Angelina Winkler” on Facebook.  We just copied this photo off that Facebook page.  Sister Winkler writes lots of good things there that don’t make it to her personal blog.  Sheri Dew said, “Our prophet has asked us to become a vast army with enthusiasm for this work.  As we do so, we will become one of the mightiest forces for good this world has ever seen.   For we the sisters…are women of God…I like to think of us as the Lord’s secret weapon.”


For those of you who don’t get Facebook we have copied a few of Sister Winkler’s inspired words and quotes…”God is the light, let Him fill you”,  “You got up this morning with determination and you are going to go to bed with satisfaction.  Give every day your all.  Wake up and work hard.  Then you are able to go to bed knowing that you did all you have the power to do.  Even if you don’t succeed in all you wanted to do.  You are satisfied with the fact that you have done all that you could.  Pray like it all depend on God, work like it all depends on you.  I KNOW THAT  GOD’S GRACE WILL FILL THAT GAP BETWEEN ME AND PERFECT”,

Photo: Sister-Lauren Kasteler and Sister Winkler love us!

The work is definitely hastening.  I love it in the South!  So many people sign up to go on split offs with us!  So many people want to feed us, we have decided not to buy groceries we cannot eat!    We had trade offs with the Training Sisters.  I learned lots with Sister Hutchins in Lake Butler.  Sister Hutchins has been collecting 1001 Miracles and is writing them all together in this inspiring blog.  I love it a lot.  It gives us something else to talk to people about rather than starting off with, “Would you like to hear about the Restored Gospel?”  I have a strong testimony that loving people and treating them as Children of God is more useful than just starting off a spill that people don’t even care about yet.

This is why the Miracles Blog is so smart.  You can just talk with people walking around the neighborhood about it and they will let you into their homes more.  Especially here where people are so open towards talking about God.  This is her event happening now: https://wwwfacebook.com/events/817563478259782/ and this is her blog: http://whenyoubelieveingod.blogspot.com/

                                         “I believe in Christ, My Lord My God!                                                                                        My feet He plants on gospel sod.                                                            I’ll worship Him with all my might. He is the source of Truth and Light.                             I believe in Christ, He ransoms me from Satan’s grasp.                               He sets me free and I shall live with Joy and Love in His eternal courts above.”        -I Believe in Christ Latter Day Saints Hymn LDS.org

Love you all! Thank you.  You uplift me.  Sister Winkler

Law of Chastity…American Sign Language…Rabbi Sonny Boy J——, and More Miracles!!!

All Ya’ll, This week was awesome!  We met this lady named A—- B—- who does American Sign Language.  We choose this street completely by just driving and each picking a direction, parking and then just walking it.  hahaha  We started out and we were just knocking doors, people were talking to us, but no-one was really interested.  It was kinda raining really bad by this point and Sister E——- scriptures were getting wet so we walked back to the car to drop them off and keep on going.  After dropping them off, I saw this lady outside and was like let’s go to this one first.  She had gone back inside by this point so we knocked really loud and it seemed like no one was coming to the door.  We figured she didn’t know that SHE WANTED TO TALK WITH US (hahaha) so we were about to leave.  BUT then she came to the door!  She was motioning to us and asking, “Why are you here?”  We finally understood that she couldn’t hear!  So we pointed to our name tags!! Anyways she let us in and we wrote on a piece of paper and we invited her to church and she was there this Sunday!!!!  Elder S——- knows American Sign!!!  He translated as best he could for her.  There is a translator in our Ward, but she had to work Sunday.  We are hoping to go teach her with that ward member this week sometime.  A—- said she loved church though and she will be coming back next week!!  Miracle!!!

Anyways, God is so good to us!  I know that as we are diligent and obedient GOD WILL BLESS US!  AND He will lead us to the people whose lives we can bless.  We met with this Rabbi (his real name is Sonny Boy J—— (so cool)) and we taught him the Restoration.  He somehow got sidetracked after the First Vision and started telling us about how babies are made.  We were both just sitting on his porch confused about what he was talking about and how he got there.  We will get the Elders to teach him from now on….hahaha

We taught A—- the Law of Chastity this past week.  I was kinda nervous to teach it because she lives with her boyfriend and I was the slightest bit afraid that we would offend her.  But it actually went really well.  She told us about how she wants to get married, but her boyfriend of five years does not.  We are trying to teach the boyfriend, but doesn’t seem very interested.  We have to figure it all out….

Anyway, a lot more happened, but I’ll keep it brief.  Grateful you are having miracles in your lives too. I am so glad God is watching over you.  Glad you are working in the Calgary Temple.  I can’t believe it is so cold in Calgary.  I am glad I can enjoy the Florida weather.   I love you lots and pray for you each day.  Let me know what I can do for ya’ll.  Love, Sister Angelina Winkler