Saratov Approach…”RUN FORREST RUN”…2 more baptisms…I Love Paper…Live, Laugh, Love…

I love you all!  You are so much fun.  Thank you for the article.  I will live, laugh and love as a missionary.

Things have been good in Lake City.  We finally got in contact with this less-active lady in our Ward.  We have been trying to find her house since I got here hahaha and we finally found it and got in both times we went.  She is really trying to make changes in her life and come but she just can’t stand the thought of people coming up to her and saying the whole, “I’m so happy you’re here.  I haven’t seen you in so long.”  She was very blunt with us about how she felt so we were very blunt with her.

We went on trade offs this week with all the Young Women in our Ward.  I always feel weird when me and my companion split up hahaha…It feels like it is wrong.  We went and visited some less active young women and invited them to an activity the next day.  I went with Sister S—– and two younger young women.

 We were going to see one of our investigators who has been to young women quite a bit and we were talking in the car about what we should share with her and the new young woman (it was her first young woman activity) said, “We should definitely talk to her about not wearing low cut shirts and not having sex before you are married.”  hahaha  Sister S—– and I just looked at each other.  The young women are so special here…hahaha 

I shall strive to make  a facebook post about the “Saratov Approach”  Movie and let all the Floridians know about it.  The name of the man in our Calgary West Stake that was involved as a missionary there name is Brother Derek Wride, right?  There is a link to the official trailer on youtube as well, right?

We have extended two more baptismal invites this week! G.B. doesn’t have a baptism date yet.  A.R. is being baptized on March 28th.  T.L. is being is baptized on March 3rd, but we haven’t met with her lately.  The T. Family has been away to Alabama and is less active.  B.G. has just been baptized.  The R. Family has dropped visiting with us sadly.  J. is progressing amazingly!!!  She is keeping all her commitments and is reading like a BOSS!!!  We have not set a date with her yet.  We meet next on Wednesday.  A.R. was visited by the young women on trade offs.  We talked with her about baptism but her mom says she has to wait until she is 18 to be baptized.  J.M. I went to see on trade offs with the young women,  I.G. is a member and her mom too.   J.M. is progressing much lately and the A—— family wasn’t a church this last Sunday.  They are the members we are working with.  

I am still getting used to the iPads, learning to love them and stop using the planner.  I am having troubles letting go.   I love paper.  Jackeileen it is sad you can’t figure out what happened to your foot.  That is sad you cannot wear heels.  Me and you both!   I will be praying for your foot and the family too.

 “RUN FORREST RUN!!”  haha   That is what you and brother kept saying when I had a gimp leg.  Good memories!!   I love, love, love you.  Take care and keep warm in the freezing weather.  Sister Winkler 


4 thoughts on “Saratov Approach…”RUN FORREST RUN”…2 more baptisms…I Love Paper…Live, Laugh, Love…

  1. Thanks for the good idea of going on splits with the YW to invite the less-active YW to church! We have some pretty good ward and stake activities coming up that would be good reasons to visit them. I’ve already contacted the sister missionaries with this suggestion! 😀

  2. dear sister Winkler ( Angelina )

    Well it sounds like you are doing so well. Boy times sure seems to fly on eagles wings as time is going so fast . I hope you are testing the very limits of your ability to speak with the power and authority of the spirit. Now is one of the only times in your life in which you will be able to grow spiritually at literally “at the speed of light ” pun intended. we are so proud of you and the great work of hastening the work of the Lord . please don’t feel reserved about asking people to be baptised and if they will commit to a baptismal date ….that is your job currently and the Lord will bless you and through the spirit you ‘ll be able to convey the importance of this great new step in their lives . I love to hear your stories, keep them coming. Angelina ….you are a chosen daughter of God and never let anyone ever make you think otherwise. Even when all those doors are being slammed in your face, and rejection seems to be your hourly reward, just remember that you have the best message and the most important information of all information ever assembled in the history of mankind. In a humble way, wear that banner proudly but. we back on th home front love you and support you and pray daily for your , protection, well being and success.

    love always Uncle Rod, Susan and family

  3. A number of years back my niece was visiting our family for 10 weeks. I thought how can I invite her to some activities?
    The Spirit prompted to make one phone call to a YSA girl that I had known and felt impressed by her character.
    Introducing these 2 special people to one another became a unique and special blessing.
    Yes, my niece did join the church! She struggled when she went back home fir a while but another YSA which she had meet went to visit relatives near where my niece lived. She got her to recommit to living the gospel and the future is history;)
    Great memories!! nothing like following the promptings we receive. Sister Winkler you are a follower of Christ:)
    Have a super week.

  4. The growth that you are experiencing is directly related to the efforts that you are putting forth. Keep up the good work!

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