Ugh DOGS!…Prayer Works…He stood up for what HE believes…I’ll always love you

Happy Valentines Day Ya’ll!  So we got transfer calls last night and I am still in Lake City!  That means that I’ll spend the first six months in Lake City which is sweet cause I love it here.  It is starting to get nice and hot here.  I have been developing a watch tan.  It’s great! It is kinda sad seeing all the people getting dressed to go to the beach and knowing you can’t.  But I am happy regardless.  Sooo, we were tracting in this neighborhood and this dog climbed the fence and came out running towards us.  I saw it and pulled Sister E. in front of me and told her not to move.

The dog ended up not being a scary dog he just kept chasing peoples cars.  My companion seems to think that I am ridiculous cause it scared me.  It was definitely a memorable experience for me.  

We set a baptismal date with A—-.  We are teaching her a lot about faith.  She wasn’t raised in a Christian background, which is not common in this area so it is different to teach her.  I like it.  We set a baptismal date with her for March 28th.  We are excited to keep teaching her.  Sister E. and I set a companionship goal to ask 20 people to be baptized before the end of this transfer.  So far we are at three. hahaha  We are working at it.  We keep setting goals to just invite people at their doors, but haven’t done it yet…We also have a zone goal of 20 baptisms which is high.  Sooo excited and working on it!

We went to one of our investigators homes and he wasn’t home.  We were there so we just started raking their lawn.  We did it for almost an hour and a half and then we left.  We are waiting to see if he noticed…

  I have been having scary dreams lately!  I have never had them before, but for some reason I was having them.  Sister E. and I prayed for them to stop and they did…So prayer works just so ya’ll know!  Last week Sister E. fell asleep really quick and she started snoring really loud and I couldn’t sleep so I started saying, “Sister E!” quietly…then loudly…then I started hitting the wall to wake her up.  She still didn’t stop so I took my water bottle and chucked it at her lightly…she didn’t wake up, so I took another water bottle I had near me and threw it a little harder. She still didn’t wake up.  Finally I yelled at her and the snoring stopped and I then pretended to be already asleep.  It was funny.  I told her the story in the morning and she says she didn’t remember it!

We teach a guy who is our Ward Mission Leader daughter’s boyfriend of 10 years (who she lives with).  When we go to see him, he usually will follow what we say but it usually comes back to how he feels God doesn’t care about him because of the choices he has made.  This week he had  a friend over and got his friend to come outside as we taught.  His friend was very negative and just wanted to talk about politics and how religion is a political scheme.  It gave our friend “K—” a chance to stand up for what he believes which was awesome to see!!

I gotta go!  Love ya’ll.  Take care.  Let me know if I can do anything for you!  Hope to hear from ya’ll.  Ya’ll are my favorite people.  Have a blessed day.  I’ll always love you!  Sister Winkler


3 thoughts on “Ugh DOGS!…Prayer Works…He stood up for what HE believes…I’ll always love you

  1. Sounds like you’re doing really good! I’m so glad that you’re finding success! Keep up the good work and positive attitude!
    I ust wanted to share with you that Bro. Mathieson and I have received our mission call. We’ll be serving as temple missionaries in the Panama City Panama temple. We start May 12th.

  2. It’s wonderful to hear your positive and confident comments:) You are an awesome missionary! We all know that your service is immensely important for all of those you find and teach. May you continue to have success!!

  3. Keep up the good work. Sounds like you are making a lot of progress. The South can be a challenge, but they are very loving good people just sometimes raised with odd ways of looking at things. Hope you eventually get to Jacksonville and meet my daughter Trisha. I think she meets in the Fort Caroline Chapel. Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

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