Caring for Each Other…Teaching via FaceTime…Baptism and Unity as a Companionship

Thank you for the encouragement!  I love you and the example you set for me.  Take good care of everyone whose shoulder’s you touch.  I will work my hardest out here.  We are teaching the Young Women again this week. We are also doing “popcorn teaching” in our District and Zone Missionary meetings.  I am proud of Ya’ll.  I am sending you a longer list of the people we are teaching this week.  Thank you for your prayers on their behalf!  

Yes, we got our iPads this week, they are cool.  We can show videos and things like that on them.  Our daily planners are also on there.  It is kinda tricky to use though.  I am figuring it out.  Right now it is frustrating, but it will get better.  On companion trade offs Sister H. and I taught a man via FaceTime from Connecticut!!  It was way cool!  We met with T.L. on trade offs with Sister H. on Monday night and taught the Restoration of the gospel.  We committed her to baptism on March 2nd!

 Her house was crazy noisy.  She got up to come closer to hear us better.  We invited her to be baptized right after sharing the Restoration.  It was funny because the children had been running around for all the beginning portion but they calmed down right when we began to teach the Restoration.  God is SO good to us.  (The Holy Ghost is the real teacher.)  She said, “If this is all true, I will definitely be baptized.”  We are excited to go back and teach her this week.  She couldn’t come to church this week because her mother was in the hospital.

We are hoping she will come to church this next week.  During our lesson with M. P. this week we were suppose to teach the Great Plan of Salvation (last time we visited him he couldn’t focus so we didn’t get into it).  We met and started talking with him about faith and hope.  We talked to him about how he had been wanting to find a job because he was recently let go.  He opened up to us about how that was the lowest thing on his list.  He was mostly concerned regarding his family and them being able to stay together.  It was a difficult experience…

Some mornings we meet up with the Cannon Creek Sisters and Sister F. will walk with Sister E. and Sister J. will run with me.  It is nice to have a running companion.  She gets tired fast, but we go for a loop around the complex and it is better than running alone and having to loop back touch Sister E. and go running again and loop back for the “touch” then run again.  In this companionship I feel like I am being taught largely about humility and patience.  We are getting much better at teaching in unity.  Just got to keep working hard.  

Thank you all for the support and tell Jackeileen I am proud of her too!  Thanks for all you do.  LOVE YOU!        -Sister Winkler




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