Incredibly Thankful…Seattle Seahawks…Trainee/Trainer’s Meeting and “Illegal” hugs.

Hey Ya’ll Happy Monday!  This week has been crazy, I cannot believe it is Monday again…I really love Lake City.  Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks and I just hope I’ll stay at least another transfer.  Maybe I’ll just have to make sure they keep me training. hahaha  It is getting hot here again, the humidity is back again! 

G. came to church again this week!!  We are not going to try and set a baptismal date with him again until he has been to church the three times because we have set a date with three times before. I have faith in him though.  It was awesome to see him at church in OUR WARD this time!  It is the best feeling!  We went on a lot of trade offs with members this week and we have a lot signed up for the next week which is odd because normally we don’t do that well with members signing up.  Normally we have to call them and be like, “Take us out!” and then they do. hahaha

Update on the iPads…We have Zone Conference coming up this week on the 6th which is when we get them.  We are trashing a lot of the ways we used to do things in the mission and changing things up.  We are throwing out our “plates” which is a book we had just for our mission with our motto and all that.  It’s odd, I like the changes though.

Sister E. and I had trainee and trainers meeting this week which was fun.  They never did it when I was training.  That might have something to do with the fact that there were 31 of us coming out with me and this transfer there were only 14 or so coming, which was smaller than the last three transfers.  I really liked the meeting, President and Sister Craig are awesome leaders!

Teaching this week has been crazy.  I got my second “illegal” hug yesterday.  Sometimes random people just hug you and you can’t really say, “…I am not allowed to hug you.”  I just give them an awkward hug and smile. hahaha  It is way funny.  

We are teaching the “non-denominational” family again on Wednesday and they say they will have more people over for us to teach (usually there are about 10 of them).  I am so excited!    Elder C. says regarding your news about the Super Bowl… One of the Seahawks is a former “Gator” (Percy Harver) so…no shame that they won.

 Anyways, that’s a little about my amazing missionary week.  Prayer is powerful.  ASK God for help and direction.  He will give it to you.  I love being a missionary.  Thank you for your prayers.  I know the gospel is true.  I am incredibly thankful for everyone and your support.  Sister Winkler P.S. As of yesterday I have been out 4 months!  WHAaaat!?


4 thoughts on “Incredibly Thankful…Seattle Seahawks…Trainee/Trainer’s Meeting and “Illegal” hugs.

  1. Angelina…Sister Winkler, you are looking and sounding so good!!!!! It’s nice to hear how the work is going with you in Florida! The church is true!!!!

  2. Your beautiful smiles tells it all.
    You are an inspiration to everyone you meet, I am sure of this just as you are an inspiration to the people you know back home.
    “Inspiration comes very slowly and quietly”-Brenda Ueland
    “May our Mayness become All-embracing. May we see in one another the All that was once All-one rebecome one”-Laura Riding
    Have a wonderful week.
    Susan and family

  3. Good Morning!
    Your good news is great for each of us. Keep on with your work, as the growth that you are experiencing is contagious!!

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