Saratov Approach…”RUN FORREST RUN”…2 more baptisms…I Love Paper…Live, Laugh, Love…

I love you all!  You are so much fun.  Thank you for the article.  I will live, laugh and love as a missionary.

Things have been good in Lake City.  We finally got in contact with this less-active lady in our Ward.  We have been trying to find her house since I got here hahaha and we finally found it and got in both times we went.  She is really trying to make changes in her life and come but she just can’t stand the thought of people coming up to her and saying the whole, “I’m so happy you’re here.  I haven’t seen you in so long.”  She was very blunt with us about how she felt so we were very blunt with her.

We went on trade offs this week with all the Young Women in our Ward.  I always feel weird when me and my companion split up hahaha…It feels like it is wrong.  We went and visited some less active young women and invited them to an activity the next day.  I went with Sister S—– and two younger young women.

 We were going to see one of our investigators who has been to young women quite a bit and we were talking in the car about what we should share with her and the new young woman (it was her first young woman activity) said, “We should definitely talk to her about not wearing low cut shirts and not having sex before you are married.”  hahaha  Sister S—– and I just looked at each other.  The young women are so special here…hahaha 

I shall strive to make  a facebook post about the “Saratov Approach”  Movie and let all the Floridians know about it.  The name of the man in our Calgary West Stake that was involved as a missionary there name is Brother Derek Wride, right?  There is a link to the official trailer on youtube as well, right?

We have extended two more baptismal invites this week! G.B. doesn’t have a baptism date yet.  A.R. is being baptized on March 28th.  T.L. is being is baptized on March 3rd, but we haven’t met with her lately.  The T. Family has been away to Alabama and is less active.  B.G. has just been baptized.  The R. Family has dropped visiting with us sadly.  J. is progressing amazingly!!!  She is keeping all her commitments and is reading like a BOSS!!!  We have not set a date with her yet.  We meet next on Wednesday.  A.R. was visited by the young women on trade offs.  We talked with her about baptism but her mom says she has to wait until she is 18 to be baptized.  J.M. I went to see on trade offs with the young women,  I.G. is a member and her mom too.   J.M. is progressing much lately and the A—— family wasn’t a church this last Sunday.  They are the members we are working with.  

I am still getting used to the iPads, learning to love them and stop using the planner.  I am having troubles letting go.   I love paper.  Jackeileen it is sad you can’t figure out what happened to your foot.  That is sad you cannot wear heels.  Me and you both!   I will be praying for your foot and the family too.

 “RUN FORREST RUN!!”  haha   That is what you and brother kept saying when I had a gimp leg.  Good memories!!   I love, love, love you.  Take care and keep warm in the freezing weather.  Sister Winkler 


Ugh DOGS!…Prayer Works…He stood up for what HE believes…I’ll always love you

Happy Valentines Day Ya’ll!  So we got transfer calls last night and I am still in Lake City!  That means that I’ll spend the first six months in Lake City which is sweet cause I love it here.  It is starting to get nice and hot here.  I have been developing a watch tan.  It’s great! It is kinda sad seeing all the people getting dressed to go to the beach and knowing you can’t.  But I am happy regardless.  Sooo, we were tracting in this neighborhood and this dog climbed the fence and came out running towards us.  I saw it and pulled Sister E. in front of me and told her not to move.

The dog ended up not being a scary dog he just kept chasing peoples cars.  My companion seems to think that I am ridiculous cause it scared me.  It was definitely a memorable experience for me.  

We set a baptismal date with A—-.  We are teaching her a lot about faith.  She wasn’t raised in a Christian background, which is not common in this area so it is different to teach her.  I like it.  We set a baptismal date with her for March 28th.  We are excited to keep teaching her.  Sister E. and I set a companionship goal to ask 20 people to be baptized before the end of this transfer.  So far we are at three. hahaha  We are working at it.  We keep setting goals to just invite people at their doors, but haven’t done it yet…We also have a zone goal of 20 baptisms which is high.  Sooo excited and working on it!

We went to one of our investigators homes and he wasn’t home.  We were there so we just started raking their lawn.  We did it for almost an hour and a half and then we left.  We are waiting to see if he noticed…

  I have been having scary dreams lately!  I have never had them before, but for some reason I was having them.  Sister E. and I prayed for them to stop and they did…So prayer works just so ya’ll know!  Last week Sister E. fell asleep really quick and she started snoring really loud and I couldn’t sleep so I started saying, “Sister E!” quietly…then loudly…then I started hitting the wall to wake her up.  She still didn’t stop so I took my water bottle and chucked it at her lightly…she didn’t wake up, so I took another water bottle I had near me and threw it a little harder. She still didn’t wake up.  Finally I yelled at her and the snoring stopped and I then pretended to be already asleep.  It was funny.  I told her the story in the morning and she says she didn’t remember it!

We teach a guy who is our Ward Mission Leader daughter’s boyfriend of 10 years (who she lives with).  When we go to see him, he usually will follow what we say but it usually comes back to how he feels God doesn’t care about him because of the choices he has made.  This week he had  a friend over and got his friend to come outside as we taught.  His friend was very negative and just wanted to talk about politics and how religion is a political scheme.  It gave our friend “K—” a chance to stand up for what he believes which was awesome to see!!

I gotta go!  Love ya’ll.  Take care.  Let me know if I can do anything for you!  Hope to hear from ya’ll.  Ya’ll are my favorite people.  Have a blessed day.  I’ll always love you!  Sister Winkler

Caring for Each Other…Teaching via FaceTime…Baptism and Unity as a Companionship

Thank you for the encouragement!  I love you and the example you set for me.  Take good care of everyone whose shoulder’s you touch.  I will work my hardest out here.  We are teaching the Young Women again this week. We are also doing “popcorn teaching” in our District and Zone Missionary meetings.  I am proud of Ya’ll.  I am sending you a longer list of the people we are teaching this week.  Thank you for your prayers on their behalf!  

Yes, we got our iPads this week, they are cool.  We can show videos and things like that on them.  Our daily planners are also on there.  It is kinda tricky to use though.  I am figuring it out.  Right now it is frustrating, but it will get better.  On companion trade offs Sister H. and I taught a man via FaceTime from Connecticut!!  It was way cool!  We met with T.L. on trade offs with Sister H. on Monday night and taught the Restoration of the gospel.  We committed her to baptism on March 2nd!

 Her house was crazy noisy.  She got up to come closer to hear us better.  We invited her to be baptized right after sharing the Restoration.  It was funny because the children had been running around for all the beginning portion but they calmed down right when we began to teach the Restoration.  God is SO good to us.  (The Holy Ghost is the real teacher.)  She said, “If this is all true, I will definitely be baptized.”  We are excited to go back and teach her this week.  She couldn’t come to church this week because her mother was in the hospital.

We are hoping she will come to church this next week.  During our lesson with M. P. this week we were suppose to teach the Great Plan of Salvation (last time we visited him he couldn’t focus so we didn’t get into it).  We met and started talking with him about faith and hope.  We talked to him about how he had been wanting to find a job because he was recently let go.  He opened up to us about how that was the lowest thing on his list.  He was mostly concerned regarding his family and them being able to stay together.  It was a difficult experience…

Some mornings we meet up with the Cannon Creek Sisters and Sister F. will walk with Sister E. and Sister J. will run with me.  It is nice to have a running companion.  She gets tired fast, but we go for a loop around the complex and it is better than running alone and having to loop back touch Sister E. and go running again and loop back for the “touch” then run again.  In this companionship I feel like I am being taught largely about humility and patience.  We are getting much better at teaching in unity.  Just got to keep working hard.  

Thank you all for the support and tell Jackeileen I am proud of her too!  Thanks for all you do.  LOVE YOU!        -Sister Winkler



Incredibly Thankful…Seattle Seahawks…Trainee/Trainer’s Meeting and “Illegal” hugs.

Hey Ya’ll Happy Monday!  This week has been crazy, I cannot believe it is Monday again…I really love Lake City.  Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks and I just hope I’ll stay at least another transfer.  Maybe I’ll just have to make sure they keep me training. hahaha  It is getting hot here again, the humidity is back again! 

G. came to church again this week!!  We are not going to try and set a baptismal date with him again until he has been to church the three times because we have set a date with three times before. I have faith in him though.  It was awesome to see him at church in OUR WARD this time!  It is the best feeling!  We went on a lot of trade offs with members this week and we have a lot signed up for the next week which is odd because normally we don’t do that well with members signing up.  Normally we have to call them and be like, “Take us out!” and then they do. hahaha

Update on the iPads…We have Zone Conference coming up this week on the 6th which is when we get them.  We are trashing a lot of the ways we used to do things in the mission and changing things up.  We are throwing out our “plates” which is a book we had just for our mission with our motto and all that.  It’s odd, I like the changes though.

Sister E. and I had trainee and trainers meeting this week which was fun.  They never did it when I was training.  That might have something to do with the fact that there were 31 of us coming out with me and this transfer there were only 14 or so coming, which was smaller than the last three transfers.  I really liked the meeting, President and Sister Craig are awesome leaders!

Teaching this week has been crazy.  I got my second “illegal” hug yesterday.  Sometimes random people just hug you and you can’t really say, “…I am not allowed to hug you.”  I just give them an awkward hug and smile. hahaha  It is way funny.  

We are teaching the “non-denominational” family again on Wednesday and they say they will have more people over for us to teach (usually there are about 10 of them).  I am so excited!    Elder C. says regarding your news about the Super Bowl… One of the Seahawks is a former “Gator” (Percy Harver) so…no shame that they won.

 Anyways, that’s a little about my amazing missionary week.  Prayer is powerful.  ASK God for help and direction.  He will give it to you.  I love being a missionary.  Thank you for your prayers.  I know the gospel is true.  I am incredibly thankful for everyone and your support.  Sister Winkler P.S. As of yesterday I have been out 4 months!  WHAaaat!?