“Because I loved you less”…Road Kill…(he was drunk)…The Spirit Must be There…

Hey Ya’ll this week has been crazy! hahaha  We had Regional Conference.  All 48 Stakes in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida watched the broadcast.  Apostle Russell M. Nelson talked with us about doctrine and hope, which I feel has been a theme over the past few weeks.  Everyone has been talking to me about hope.  Something that stood out to me was when Robert C. Gay of the Seventy shared a story about a man who had some hard feelings towards another man in his ward.  One day after Sacrament meeting he was standing outside and saw the man walking out to his car.  When he saw him he quickly ended his conversation and ran over to the man he had been hurt by for so long.  He grabbed him and turned him around and was preparing to just go at him, but no words would come.  He couldn’t come up with a single hurtful thing to say to him.  Instead he said,”I am sorry.”  The other guy asked, “Why?”  He said, “Because I loved you less.”  We are commanded to love everyone.  Not just who we please or who pleases us, but everyone.

We have been teaching this ‘non-denominational’ family this week…there is always a bunch of people there, it’s nice because they all sit down and listen to us.  Usually if it’s a big family EVERYONE is running around and people can barely hear us.  But is this family, each week all of the 7-10 of them sit down and talk with us.  It’s awesome!  They are funny and friendly too, they invited us to have a BBQ with them but we were being fed by some members that night.  We are going back to teach them again on Wednesday.

I hit a cat yesterday…I have officially contributed to the massive amount of road kill here in Lake City!

Our mission is getting iPads.  Next week we should have them. They are good and bad.  Good because we can just work online off wifi instead of waiting for computers at the library, but bad because they’ll keep us way accountable.  Thomas S. Monson could check up on my weekly goals…hahaha  So many opportunities to share the restoration were given to us this week.  We have been so blessed!  We started teaching a Jewish lady too!!   She is only here in Lake City for one month or so though.  Hopefully when she leaves we can get the missionaries where she is from to contact her.  One of our investigators (he was drunk) told me I gained weight this week….We are never visiting him again. hahaha  Just kidding.  I am praying for a Christ-like love of him.

We taught the Young Women in our Ward this past week.  We went over our purpose and why we are out on missions.  We also did some ‘popcorn teaching.’  That is where someone (this time my companion Sister E.) is the investigator and she asks questions or makes statements regarding a specific concern and then she’d look at someone and that person would have to try and resolve her concern.  A lot of the young women would go into great detail about Joseph Smith getting the plates and all these little details that in reality don’t really matter, and then feel badly about not knowing all these details.  It reminded me that it really doesn’t matter what we say if the spirit isn’t there, no one is left better off than before.  We could go into crazy detail, memorize all the lessons and know everything in exact order (kind of how missionaries used to have to memorize lessons word for word) and still people would not believe.  Even Jesus Christ who is perfect, and taught perfectly didn’t have everyone accept his message.  This experience reinforced my testimony on needing to have the spirit there.

So that’s a little bit about this passed week.  All and all we are way blessed.  I am so happy to be out here.  I am so fortunate to meet the people I meet each day.  I love being a missionary! I love ya’ll!  Take care and tell me about your week…

Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on ““Because I loved you less”…Road Kill…(he was drunk)…The Spirit Must be There…

  1. what a super week you had – minus your accident. Hope no one got hurt?
    as for my week, did my Visiting Teaching – 2 great sisters who bless our lives.
    babysitting 1 of 9 grandchildren:) – as if I would be busy!! Parents want to attend the temple:)
    and beginning keyboard lessons – with S. – awesome young woman!!l
    lastly super busy with bookkeeping for our businesses.
    I admire you so much. I love reading your weekly message – I feel the Spirit is truly guiding you in all that you do.
    take care. Sister G.

  2. We ( the missionaries and ward missionaries and I have been teaching a sister, s for three weeks she was ready and this past Sunday I baptized her, it was wonderful, only I had to do it (4) times, here she floats and her feet would come up as I put her down, she was a good sport and it all ended WELL,HaHA. That’s missionary work, keep up the great work Br.P

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