Being a Trainer is hard!..264 on Our Fabulous Florida Team…Fortify Our Faith

This is a photo of all 264 of us missionaries here at the Florida Jacksonville Mission at our December Christmas Party.  Can you find Waldo/Me?  I am the tiny person in kinda the exact middle of the photo.  Happy times!We had an interesting week this past one.  It is tough getting to know a new person, especially when you know you have to be with this person 24/7.  If you have any advice PLEASE give it to me.   My new companion and I went out tracting lots this week and found some good potentials.  I taught the Restoration the first time the whole way through.  Normally Sister Kasteler and I would switch off and soon my new companion will be able to do that too.  It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be though!  We have a return appointment with them this coming Friday.  This family are Southern Baptist like most persons here.

Being a trainer is hard.  It is hard to know exactly what to do all the time.  Now I understand why my trainer was always pushing me, because even though I have been out three months I still have little idea of what I am supposed to be doing all the time.  There were a lot of changes in our district and zone so I don’t know many people anymore.  It teaches you to really rely on what you know is right and what God is wanting you to do.  My new companion is Sister E.  She had been in the Mission Training Center in Utah for three weeks and then came here to Lake City.  She is the most annoying person ever. hahaha  I don’t think she actually is, it’s more me just being frustrated with myself.  I am learning a lot from her and am learning to love her AND be patient with myself!

I guess the most important part of this entry is you are AWESOME!  Thank you for your amazing uplifting messages.  I love you and miss you so very much.  Thanks to all for your emails, letters, for the news about the upcoming Olympics…GO CANADA!…and….more family history done, yeah!!!

Love to all from, Sister Winkler


3 thoughts on “Being a Trainer is hard!..264 on Our Fabulous Florida Team…Fortify Our Faith

  1. Dear Sister Winkler

    We sure miss you and your efforts here at Planning Protocol 2 Inc. We hope after your mission you will consider returning for a while at least until you get married and start having a family of your own. We watch and follow your progress with great anticipation. We love the GREAT work you are doing. Keep it up. In answer to your question about how to love an annoying companion all you have to do is serve her. You always grow to love those you serve even the most unlovable people. This last Sunday we had a missionary return home from texas he said he really enjoyed his mission it was the best two years of his life, but if there was anything that was troublesome it was all the Americans taking pot shots at us Canadians. They would often act as though no other country or people has any relevance. I guess things don’t change much as it was the same for me on my mission 30 years ago in far off Italy. My mission was dominated with usa missionaries as well and they were often very condescending and offensive towards anyone non American (including Italians) . I soon came to discover though that these were all valiant young and insecure boys who wanted so much to be men and were going through the growing pains of becoming men. They, like all the Italians we were teaching needed a friend, they needed to be shown, patience, love and service. As I served them and was patient with them I grew to love them. Just like one of our prophets once said ” I don’t like that man, I’ll have to get to know him better in order for me to find the good that I know is in him”. Everyone is Heavenly Fathers child ( a Child of God ) no matter how early or advanced on the scale of mortal growth we are, some are much more advanced than we are, and some less so. We must not judge and just learn to love and serve all of our fellowmen ( and women ). As we do this, we ourselves, make critical necessary advancement in our own mortal progression.

    We love you and pray for your well being and protection and success daily as a family.
    Please continue to radiate the gospel and the LOVE of GOD in you thoughts deeds and actions and as you do that you will radiate this light through your eyes and have it in your heart and others will see your light and want what you have, and they will want to be a part of this GREAT GOSPEL.

    Love Always
    Your uncle Rod Susan and family

  2. Hi Sister Winkler!
    We are very proud of the manner in which you are embracing the world and growing into its positive mosaic. Keep up the great learning

  3. Yes getting to know and train a new companion must be difficult at times. You have such a positive attitude!! You will become friends in no time. I would ask her as much as possible about her life do t you can see what she is made of. We all experience life in different matters. Keep on loving her as the Savior did to all who came to him.
    There is a unique reason the mission president has put this companionship together!
    Take care.

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