Goal Setting, Temple Preparation, and Gospel Restoration

Hey ya’ll…How was your week?  Florida has been awesome.  It’s actually been cold here.  They cancelled school today because there was a “CHANCE” of black ice.  It was forecast to be 19 degrees (I don’t know the conversion), but it is 35 outside right now.  Nothing compared to the snow in Calgary I bet.

We have been teaching the investigator who is now baptized lots about missionary work and the Temple (Orlando pictured).  She is preparing to attend the temple.  People get anti-ed quick here.  Things go great for the first lesson then they just fall off the earth.  But I guess that is missionary work, you gotta just keep on loving em and trying.

I haven’t been killing many roaches lately.  I think I may have gotten more used to them being everywhere.  I still am not fond of them though!  

This week we have been setting goals of the number of people we will contact each day and it has really helped us.  This week we have been put into the paths of a lot of potential investigators.  Now we just need to follow up…

We taught the restoration to a man the other day and he is going to come to our church if we come to his.  His first question for us was if there is any African American members of the church, we said yes (there are four that are active, two of them have not been baptized though…yet).  I’m pretty excited!

I know a lot more happened here but I can’t think of it right now.  I am glad to hear that the missionary work is progressing so well there too.  Thank you for everything.   I love you a lot.  I hope the snow lets up in Canada.  Your Daughter, (Sister Winkler)


1 thought on “Goal Setting, Temple Preparation, and Gospel Restoration

  1. Just wanted to let you know of the reality of the Plan of Salvation. In this last month, both my dad and my father-in-law have passed. I cannot begin to let you know the peace and comfort I received going through all of this. I know that their spirits have been received by a kind and loving Father. Have a wonderful week!!

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