Skype on Christmas Day, Happy New Year and Miracles Happen Every Day.

It was so nice to see ya’ll on Skype Christmas Day!  I am sorry I had to leave so quickly, I wanted to stay and talk with ya’ll day.  I am happy ya’ll are are doing well.  I love each of you so much!  Guess what?  Last night Mission President Craig called and I am going to be training next transfer.  So in a week and a half I’ll be with a “noob”.  Isn’t that exciting!

Miracles happen everyday.  The gospel is true.  Prayer really works.  God loves each of us.  Scriptures are the truth.  Missions are awesome!

Be safe Dad with all the shoveling of snow I don’t want your muscles to get too big and then when Clifton gets home you will hurt him when you two are wrestling again. hahaha.  Just kidding.  Thank you for all the stories and stuff you send. Happy New Year, I love Ya’ll lots!  Sister Winkler


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