“Because I loved you less”…Road Kill…(he was drunk)…The Spirit Must be There…

Hey Ya’ll this week has been crazy! hahaha  We had Regional Conference.  All 48 Stakes in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida watched the broadcast.  Apostle Russell M. Nelson talked with us about doctrine and hope, which I feel has been a theme over the past few weeks.  Everyone has been talking to me about hope.  Something that stood out to me was when Robert C. Gay of the Seventy shared a story about a man who had some hard feelings towards another man in his ward.  One day after Sacrament meeting he was standing outside and saw the man walking out to his car.  When he saw him he quickly ended his conversation and ran over to the man he had been hurt by for so long.  He grabbed him and turned him around and was preparing to just go at him, but no words would come.  He couldn’t come up with a single hurtful thing to say to him.  Instead he said,”I am sorry.”  The other guy asked, “Why?”  He said, “Because I loved you less.”  We are commanded to love everyone.  Not just who we please or who pleases us, but everyone.

We have been teaching this ‘non-denominational’ family this week…there is always a bunch of people there, it’s nice because they all sit down and listen to us.  Usually if it’s a big family EVERYONE is running around and people can barely hear us.  But is this family, each week all of the 7-10 of them sit down and talk with us.  It’s awesome!  They are funny and friendly too, they invited us to have a BBQ with them but we were being fed by some members that night.  We are going back to teach them again on Wednesday.

I hit a cat yesterday…I have officially contributed to the massive amount of road kill here in Lake City!

Our mission is getting iPads.  Next week we should have them. They are good and bad.  Good because we can just work online off wifi instead of waiting for computers at the library, but bad because they’ll keep us way accountable.  Thomas S. Monson could check up on my weekly goals…hahaha  So many opportunities to share the restoration were given to us this week.  We have been so blessed!  We started teaching a Jewish lady too!!   She is only here in Lake City for one month or so though.  Hopefully when she leaves we can get the missionaries where she is from to contact her.  One of our investigators (he was drunk) told me I gained weight this week….We are never visiting him again. hahaha  Just kidding.  I am praying for a Christ-like love of him.

We taught the Young Women in our Ward this past week.  We went over our purpose and why we are out on missions.  We also did some ‘popcorn teaching.’  That is where someone (this time my companion Sister E.) is the investigator and she asks questions or makes statements regarding a specific concern and then she’d look at someone and that person would have to try and resolve her concern.  A lot of the young women would go into great detail about Joseph Smith getting the plates and all these little details that in reality don’t really matter, and then feel badly about not knowing all these details.  It reminded me that it really doesn’t matter what we say if the spirit isn’t there, no one is left better off than before.  We could go into crazy detail, memorize all the lessons and know everything in exact order (kind of how missionaries used to have to memorize lessons word for word) and still people would not believe.  Even Jesus Christ who is perfect, and taught perfectly didn’t have everyone accept his message.  This experience reinforced my testimony on needing to have the spirit there.

So that’s a little bit about this passed week.  All and all we are way blessed.  I am so happy to be out here.  I am so fortunate to meet the people I meet each day.  I love being a missionary! I love ya’ll!  Take care and tell me about your week…

Sister Winkler


“G”(He came to Church) after 6 Months of Invitations, Moving Day, Us 6 Sisters, Baptisms and…More Friends!

“G” came to church this Sunday!!!  Us missionaries have been working with him for six plus months and he finally came!  We had a really good lesson  with him last time we saw him even though his friends were there.  I am so glad he used his free agency and came!  One of our ward missionaries picked him up and took him to church.  The only thing was they showed up two hours early and went to the wrong ward. hahaha  At least he went!!!  Next week is Stake Conference so we’ll all meet together at 10:00am, we hope he will keep coming!

I heard about the Fort Lauderdale Temple being almost done!  We will not be able to go to the Temple Open House as it is outside of our Mission area.

It has been cold in Florida the past few days.  It is a different type of cold than Canada.  The cold here sticks to your bones because of the humidity.  My fingers always freeze.  Everyone that shakes my hand says they are like icicles.  Nothing like Canada though.  Most of the time I don’t wear a jacket unless it is raining.  The good news is we found a new solid investigator this week, she actually doesn’t have much of a religious history (which is rare), so we are excited about that!  Anyways, I love being a missionary!

We’re working hard and hopefully we’re at least planting seeds.  I am definitely learning a lot more training than I did being a trainee.  I am actually retaining things now whereas before I felt like I was just barely getting through.  There is a lot of need for service in our ward right now,  we actually got to help out lots with redoing one of our ward members houses they are moving into.   It is looking really good and we have just about everything moved in.   When we first started doing service she was scatterbrained telling us what to do.   We got her to make lists and that really helped things move along for everyone.

Honestly, thanks to all for the advice on how to be a successful trainer!

  Jackeileen, yes, I will be clean so she will love me!  Look at our room.

Love you all sooooo much!    Sister Winkler 

Being a Trainer is hard!..264 on Our Fabulous Florida Team…Fortify Our Faith

This is a photo of all 264 of us missionaries here at the Florida Jacksonville Mission at our December Christmas Party.  Can you find Waldo/Me?  I am the tiny person in kinda the exact middle of the photo.  Happy times!We had an interesting week this past one.  It is tough getting to know a new person, especially when you know you have to be with this person 24/7.  If you have any advice PLEASE give it to me.   My new companion and I went out tracting lots this week and found some good potentials.  I taught the Restoration the first time the whole way through.  Normally Sister Kasteler and I would switch off and soon my new companion will be able to do that too.  It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be though!  We have a return appointment with them this coming Friday.  This family are Southern Baptist like most persons here.

Being a trainer is hard.  It is hard to know exactly what to do all the time.  Now I understand why my trainer was always pushing me, because even though I have been out three months I still have little idea of what I am supposed to be doing all the time.  There were a lot of changes in our district and zone so I don’t know many people anymore.  It teaches you to really rely on what you know is right and what God is wanting you to do.  My new companion is Sister E.  She had been in the Mission Training Center in Utah for three weeks and then came here to Lake City.  She is the most annoying person ever. hahaha  I don’t think she actually is, it’s more me just being frustrated with myself.  I am learning a lot from her and am learning to love her AND be patient with myself!

I guess the most important part of this entry is you are AWESOME!  Thank you for your amazing uplifting messages.  I love you and miss you so very much.  Thanks to all for your emails, letters, for the news about the upcoming Olympics…GO CANADA!…and….more family history done, yeah!!!

Love to all from, Sister Winkler

Goal Setting, Temple Preparation, and Gospel Restoration

Hey ya’ll…How was your week?  Florida has been awesome.  It’s actually been cold here.  They cancelled school today because there was a “CHANCE” of black ice.  It was forecast to be 19 degrees (I don’t know the conversion), but it is 35 outside right now.  Nothing compared to the snow in Calgary I bet.

We have been teaching the investigator who is now baptized lots about missionary work and the Temple (Orlando pictured).  She is preparing to attend the temple.  People get anti-ed quick here.  Things go great for the first lesson then they just fall off the earth.  But I guess that is missionary work, you gotta just keep on loving em and trying.

I haven’t been killing many roaches lately.  I think I may have gotten more used to them being everywhere.  I still am not fond of them though!  

This week we have been setting goals of the number of people we will contact each day and it has really helped us.  This week we have been put into the paths of a lot of potential investigators.  Now we just need to follow up…

We taught the restoration to a man the other day and he is going to come to our church if we come to his.  His first question for us was if there is any African American members of the church, we said yes (there are four that are active, two of them have not been baptized though…yet).  I’m pretty excited!

I know a lot more happened here but I can’t think of it right now.  I am glad to hear that the missionary work is progressing so well there too.  Thank you for everything.   I love you a lot.  I hope the snow lets up in Canada.  Your Daughter, (Sister Winkler)

Skype on Christmas Day, Happy New Year and Miracles Happen Every Day.

It was so nice to see ya’ll on Skype Christmas Day!  I am sorry I had to leave so quickly, I wanted to stay and talk with ya’ll day.  I am happy ya’ll are are doing well.  I love each of you so much!  Guess what?  Last night Mission President Craig called and I am going to be training next transfer.  So in a week and a half I’ll be with a “noob”.  Isn’t that exciting!

Miracles happen everyday.  The gospel is true.  Prayer really works.  God loves each of us.  Scriptures are the truth.  Missions are awesome!

Be safe Dad with all the shoveling of snow I don’t want your muscles to get too big and then when Clifton gets home you will hurt him when you two are wrestling again. hahaha.  Just kidding.  Thank you for all the stories and stuff you send. Happy New Year, I love Ya’ll lots!  Sister Winkler