Giving our Best, “It isn’t a good time…”, and Mission Swimming…

Hey ya’ll!  Merry Christmas!  Hope everything is going well!  I love hearing from each of you!

Betty Glenn was baptized and confirmed a member this past Saturday and Sunday!  Baptisms are crazy and stressful. hahaha  But we have an amazing ward that really helps out right when you need them.  Sister Kasteler and I got to sing, “Lord I Would Follow Thee.”  hahaha Singing is not my forte but it’s what we did!  It was a crazy day, the font takes a long time to fill and we wanted it to be hot because Betty is “fragile” but it just didn’t work out so the water was pretty cold.  Sister Kasteler and I got the closest we will to swimming these 18 months filling the font up.  We both had to wade through the water at one point after finding out the door on the ladies side of the font was locked.

On top of the craziness of Christmas and organizing a baptism we had trade offs this week.  I went to Lake Butler (tiny town 20 minutes away from Lake City) and Sister K. stayed here.  Everyone in Lake Butler is related at church so they call each other Sister *first name* or Brother *first name*.  Sister Call who I was on the trade off with told me a story about how she had gone to a members house in Lake Butler and when they opened the door he was skinning a deer on the dining room table.  The next day she went to another persons house and they were doing that too!   hahaha So yep.  That is what happens here.

We have been teaching a black family the lessons.  The mother has 8 children and came to church this Sunday.  She is used to “shouting out” during church so during Sacrament and Relief Society she keeps saying, “Amen” “mhmmm” “I agree with that!” hahaha  It’s great that she loves church so much, but it was definately different than what I am used to. hahaha  It was great!  We saw so many miracles this past week tracting and just being in the right place at the right time.  God really directs each of us, we just need to recognize it and acknowledge Him in all things.  I love the people of the South!  They all have such a strong belief in Christ and God.  Many people are so prepared and I am so happy to be out here to share His word with His people.

We have been trying to meet with this family when we are in their neighbourhood, but each time, “it isn’t a good time.”  We stopped by yesterday and the wife told us that they were going through a lot, that her husband’s father had just passed away and that he also had the same disease that his father had and that things were just looking bleak for them.  She had never really liked us before (that is the impression that we got, her husband was the one that was interested).  But when we offered to pray with her she just started crying and said she would love that.  So that is what we did!  After she hugged and thanked us.  God does soften peoples hearts to ear the gospel and leads us along. (Doctrine and Covenants 78:17-18(I love this scripture)).

It’s hard to feel like it is Christmas when it is so hot each day and with no thought of snow at all.  But peoples hearts are more than ever centered on Jesus Christ and I love that.  There is a story in the 2010…I think Ensign that talks anout a family who is told at church to bring a toy to give to someone else who might need it a Christmas time.  The family isn’t very wealthy and decides to wrap up one of their own toys and give it to others.  The mother while helping her son wrap up his toy truck goes to check on her daughter.  She finds her wrapping her favorite doll up in her blanket and putting her in a box.  The mother has the urge to tell her daughter that she doesn’t have to give her favorite doll, but that she could give any toy.  She resists telling her daughter because she knows that she is giving  her best.  She then goes on to relate this to to our Father in Heaven, how He sent His Son.  He sent Him here to earth.  He gave us His best. 

I love that comparison.  These are the stories of my week!  I am excited for Christmas and I hope you all are too!  I hope you find joy in service (Mosiah 2:17).

Love Ya’ll,  Merry Christmas!  Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on “Giving our Best, “It isn’t a good time…”, and Mission Swimming…

  1. Service, and selfless is the best. Wonderful treasures, you will remember for a long time.These kind of experiences live a long time, way to go they bring similar thoughts to me. Merry Christmas and may you sail high, into and, through the next year. Love Uncle Randy

  2. What a wonderful Christmas you were able to experience! God does know each and every one of us! He’s aware of our strengths and knows how to help each of us move closer to Him! May you continue to help those with whom you are teaching find peace, joy and hope through the Gospel message! Keep up the good work!!!

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