Florida Snow Day, Jogging, Chocolate, and Trust God has in Us His Servants!

Merry Christmas to you all.  The Christmas package you sent arrived! All the little bitty presents look so cute sitting under our two foot tall Christmas tree in our apartment. hahaha The Christmas Cards were great too!  Thank you!

We had our wonderful Mission Christmas Party this past week!  It was great!  I got to see all the other missionaries that I came out with again!  I hadn’t seen them since we first came out!  Sister Hawkins is on the opposite side of the mission.  I am close to the Gulf of Mexico, and she is right by the Atlantic Ocean.  But as our mission President says, “Our mission ends where the sands begin.”  There are a lot of wealthy people where she is serving.  It was wonderful to meet each other again.  It was an hour and a half drive to get there and it ate up a good portion of our miles for the month, but I know we will get by.  Somehow each month we just meet our miles cap!

We go running most every morning!  I look forward to the exercise time of the day cause people feed us SO MUCH Southern food (aka fattening food) here.   It is still very warm here.  It rained a little bit, but that is about it.  In Lake City they  have a “Snow Day” where they basically import snow and have a snowball fight in the middle of downtown!  It was cool, but the snow was pathetic! hahaha.   It was slush in a few minutes!

 It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas!  I am excited to Skype (thanks to Bernie) and see ya’ll!  Sister, you see miracles every day on your mission!  I have come to a great realization of all that God has done for me, and all the ways He has directed me out here.  I sadly did not notice His hand in my life as much as I should have up till now.  I hope I never forget.

 In studies this morning I read in Alma 34:27-28.  It really spoke to me about the power of prayer and that when we pray, we are literally talking to our Father in Heaven and He wants to hear from us.  He wants to know about our day.

He wants to hear the names of those that need Him specifically.  God answers the prayers of others through each of us.  We are His “angels” on earth!  So it is up to us to do His work and share the love He has for us, His children.

I love Him so much and cannot even try to compare the amount of love that He has back for me.  I love you my sister.  You are amazing and have so much to offer the world with your incredible uniqueness.  Take good care of Mom and Dad, I know they are taking good care of you!  ALSO eat lots of chocolate!

I am glad Matthew is still working on his mission papers.  A mission is a great place to be.  We have had so many miracles this week!  I am so appreciative of all the trust God has in us, His Servants.  I love being out here!  I love talking with you by email each week!  I love, love, love, you all!   Thank you to everyone for their support!  Your Sister Winkler


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