Car Problems, Amazingly Happy, Ninja Turtles and Christmas Devotional

Hey ya’ll a lot happened this week so I’ll start from the beginning…Our car was having problems so we drove it back to the dealership to get it looked at first thing in the morning.  From there, we took a shuttle back home to do our studies.  After that we ended up being on foot until six pm.  We have all the “far out” stuff in our ward because we normally have a car so we had to walk quite a bit to get to our areas.  We met some crazy people along the way.  

We even had one of our investigators come to us!  She just happened to be walking down the road the opposite way than we were and we were able to share a message with her.  We also set TWO baptismal dates this week!  We are really working on getting people to church.  That is REALLY hard!  Our ward start time will change to 11:00am in the New Year though, so that may help some.

We see this old man each day at the library and talk to him most days.  We will call him Bernard.  We talked with Bernard about God and how we can trust Him, and that He won’t try us above what we can handle.  This conversation went really well.  BUT, at some point he started talking about something else and Sister Kasteler and I took a little while to catch on to his sudden topic change to…something that was not appropriate.  We just smiled and then ended the conversation.

Paul W Craig: Family Man, Paul Craig, Skier, Mormon.

You can read about my Mission President at this link:

The reason I send you this is because this week we had interviews with the President.  In the interview we were asked to give a three minute lesson on a principle.  Before going in we practiced all the principles, we left Chastity til the end and ran out of time, so I didn’t practice it.  I was fine with that because I was confident he wouldn’t ask me to do that one…Guess which one I had to present?  Yep!  That was the one! hahaha  Anyways I must have been guided by the Spirit cause it went pretty well.  President Craig is way cool!

We went out tracting this week, walking around this neighborhood and we decided to simply talk to everyone we saw.  We walked past this house and there was this older lady outside, so we walk up and she is smiling really big back at us and chuckles, so we smile and chuckle back too.  We talk to her for a bit.  

Her sentences did not make any sense but she had this HUGE smile the whole time.  We decided to just give her our card and tell her if she needed anything to just call us.  She took our card, spelled out everything on it, “s-i-s-t-e-r-m-i-s-s-i-o-n-a-r-one of these-one of those-this and that-and all the way to the end, then each one of the numbers in our phone number.  Holding up the card she said, “Isn’t this beautiful?”  To which we nodded and said, “Yes, it is.”  Then she offered it back to us saying, “Which is why I want you to have this card.”  At this point we just walked away.  She was a VERY happy lady though.  I cannot do this story justice.  It was SO incredibly funny.

We got to go to one of our investigator’s sons Birthday Party which had a ninja turtle theme.  It was pretty cool, he and her family are great and we had many missionary opportunities there.  One of them basically asked us to share the restoration with him and so we did right there!  The South is way cool!

Despite all the craziness, we had an amazing week.  We had some great experiences sharing the Gospel.  Missionary work blesses us all.  I am so happy to be out here doing this great work and grateful for the companionship of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I hope ya’ll got the chance to watch the Christmas Devotional!

I didn’t even know they existed, but they are amazing!  This is the link:

Lots of love and thanks to all back home-Sister Winkler

P.S.  It is 70-80 Fahrenheit here.  Doesn’t feel like Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Car Problems, Amazingly Happy, Ninja Turtles and Christmas Devotional

  1. Way to go, I love productive weeks too.
    I’m ward mission leader in SalmonArm , So I am trying to work and do some missionary work I love it Too and it is Great !

  2. The neighbors on Buckboard Rd will miss your smile this Holiday Season. Wishing you a Happy Time.
    “God knows no distance” Charleszetta Waddies
    I love seeing the pictures.
    Susan and family

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