Cracker Barrel Birthday, sicker than a dog and “We Believe…”

Hi Ya’ll!  So…my Birthday was great!  A good member took us out to dinner which was sweet.  We went to Cracker Barrel.  The brother in the ward who took us is

hilarious.  He  has the most Southern drawl that I have ever heard and is always making jokes.   It was the most interesting meal! hahaha

This week we got invited to another investigators church.  It is called Christ Central and is popular down here.  It is basically a “party” Church.  He agreed to listen to what we had to say if we came to his Church so that is the plan!  I will let you know how it goes.  There are so many different churches here it is hard to keep track of them.  It was actually really funny how he invited us.  As we walked up to the door one of their little children came out a side door so we waved at her.  She went right back inside and told her parents she saw us (I guess).   SO we knock at the door and we hear someone someone lock the door immediately after we knock.  We found this really funny and we just laughed for a bit kinda thinking well…do we walk away?  So we are standing there for about 3-4 minutes and he just unlocks the door, opens it up and he invites us to church.  We asked him, “What do you believe?”  He said, “We believe in the Bible.”  We said, “So do we.”  Then he says, “The Whole Bible.”  And we say, “So do we.”  And he says, “The Old Testament and the New Testament.” And we say, “So do we.” hahaha

Next visit there might be some things that we can clear up for him about what we actually believe.   Looking forward to it…

My companion got sicker than a dog and I think I caught it from her.


I hope to be better soon too.  Because we have been sick we haven’t been able to visit some of our sick sisters.  I miss seeing them!   You know it is probably because we had FIVE Thanksgiving Dinners!  Holy Man!  We had three on American Thanksgiving Day and on the day before and one on Sunday.  They were delicious.  Really, I kinda never want to eat mac and cheese, mashed potatoes or stuffing ever again…well, maybe not till Christmas…


That sounds like good old Chinook country weather you are having in Calgary.  Enjoy the blizzard!  Here I have been lulled into a sense of false security.  I have been seeing less roaches.  They must still be there.   Anyway, I will continue to kill them!  Thank you all for your words of wisdom and spiritual thoughts.  I will use them if I get a chance.  I love you all lots.  You are amazing!  Remember that.

Your Daughter, (Sister Winkler)


2 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Birthday, sicker than a dog and “We Believe…”

  1. Dear Sister Winkler

    We so much enjoy your emails and correspondence back home here in Canada. it is so wonderful to see of your love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and your fellow mankind growing day by day. You have such a kind and gentle way about words and I know your deeds are similar. You are truly are following in the righteous footsteps of your mother and grandmother , both of whom are great women of their day. Continue to let that gospel light shine brighter and brighter until that ultimate day when we will all be judged for what we have done in this life. thanks for all the wonderful time you spent here with us at the office it truly was a joy having you here … the way se still have not found an adequate replacement for you …… I guess you are just not replaceable ….though we keep looking every day and have tried out a few candidates but the longest only lasted for a 3 weeks. I guess I am too tough of an employer or something like that. I guess only can answer that question. We love you and support you 100% in this your mission and righteous endeavours.

    With love

    Rod Susan and family

  2. praying that you and your companion get better soon:) it is amazing to know how so many have taken upon themselves to begin one church after another. So thankful for the sisters who came into my life nearly 38 years ago!! You are doing an amazing work which will influence many generations to come.
    Have a super week:)

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