SPEEDERS, Matthew is the Man, Wheelchair Service, and the BEST Love Story…

Aw, ya’ll are so sweet!  That is so awesome that Jamie came over to help put up the Christmas trees.  Mom was always saying she wanted to see him more.  Jackeileen  SPEEDERS!  We will have to go there when I get back! Dibbs!  hahaha Sometimes my companion scares me when she drives…but then I compare it to when mom would drive. (She is quite a scary driver, I miss it)…then I am okay.

You know a lot of funny things happened this week, but I cannot remember them all!  I didn’t bring my journal this time so I can’t read through it like normal!  One thing is we got to meet with one of our investigators this past week and make some fudge!  I was in charge of stirring the pot and I stirred for quite a while and none of us really thought about it but we had used a plastic spoon. hahaha  By the time we realized half of the spoon was gone!  So yeah, that is the little lesson that I learned this week.  We got a new set of Elders this transfer!   They are the Zone Leaders!  Six missionaries in our Deep Creek Ward now!!!  It is crazy.  Our area goes all the way up to the Georgia border so we gave them all 40 miles North of town cause they get more miles than us per month!  Missionary work is crazy…

We also did some housework for a member who is in a wheelchair.  She was just needing some little things done.  But right before we left I asked, “Is there  anything else we can do for you?”  She said, “Oh, one last thing!  Cut my toenails”…so, I cut her toenails.   They were very long and there was lots of dead skin.  I can truthfully say I love the people here now.  hahaha

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That is cool Auntie Susan came by, she is WAY cool.  hahaha  I hope that her soup cleared up your system Dad, from what I hear your cold has gotten better.  Ya’ll will look so great in your tulle and matchy matchy stuff at the Christmas Party!  You are so creative!  Let me know how it goes…Some people here invited us over for Family Home Evening and brought some investigators.  It was an awesome opportunity for missionary work because they are being fellow-shipped while learning more, so they don’t feel it is all on them.   Working through the members is definitely the best way to be a missionary.  When we go tracting it is really hard to find investigators and IF we find them they usually don’t last very long, but we like to think we are planting seeds!   Thanks for that piece from Elder Holland as he says…

AHHHHH!!!! I’m so proud of Matthew!!! Getting his mission papers in.  Tell him that!  I will email Rebekka that too!  Aw Dad, that is so cute what Grandpa wrote to Grandma, he is so amazing.  Let him know I love him.  I am going to print it off so I can read it again and again.   They are the best love story!

I love you all so much.  Ya’ll amazing and I miss ya’ll.  I’ll continue to share the gospel right here in Florida, sharing His light with those that are around me.  Have a blessed week!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.  -Your Daughter


4 thoughts on “SPEEDERS, Matthew is the Man, Wheelchair Service, and the BEST Love Story…

  1. Good Afternoon from sunny Calgary at plus 3 degrees today. It is my birthday today, so we are celebrating. It is clear from your written accounts of the work which you are doing, that you are growing daily from the experience. I had the pleasure of speaking with a Mr. Garry Heninger yesterday about his mission in France. He says that memories of lessons learned on his mission, continue to be of great benefit to him every day of his life. All the best!

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