DUCK DYNASTY, Bible Study Class and “bless the little bitty birdies”…

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish.  18 more days until I am 21, then I will be old!!!  Here is the promised photo of us Wonderful Lake City District Missionaries…

Primary Children church presentation we had a couple of weeks ago.  The children were so good!  This past week the women of the Primary Presidency gave talks.  In the South they do everything differently. hahaha  They talk to the congregation and sometimes the congregation talks back.  It is funny.

Bishop Blumell was such an amazing Bishop.  That is so sad about his early passing.  I hope Sister Blumell is doing okay.  Let the Comforts know that I love them and thank Sister Comfort for her “dear elder.”  I am working on writing Sister Turner back, but I am not the best “penpal”.  I will pray for the missionaries  in the Phillipines.  It sounds like a tragic typhoon.  Elder Lethaby is serving there from our Calgary West Stake.   Please tell Bishop Lee my favorite scripture is Mosiah 20:19-21 (so far).

Thank you for the article from Apostle Holland.  He is amazing.  I shall print it off.  I think some of our investigators will enjoy it.  One of our investigators couldn’t come to church this Sunday because she thinks she got bit by a brown reclus spider.  These bites are 

very common here in Florida.  One of the sisters in our zone has two in a jar.  (They found them in their apartment.)  The results of the bites can be very graphic.  Just google it.  It is not something I want to put in the blog.   This sister has a lot of illnesses that prevent her from coming to church.  She has so much faith and calls us her angels saying, “I hope you don’t give up on me.”  We tell her we never would.  She is a cute lady with a ton of birds and cats.  She talks with them and thanks God for them in her prayers, “thank you for the little bitty birdies and the bees.”  Her prayers are so adorable.  You know Dad, my companion and I, we talk about what you wrote about, how we are planting seeds.  Lots of people are not interested or straight out don’t like us at all but that is fine.  We love them anyways and try to make that time we get to interact with them positive.  Have a great Remembrance Day.  You are all such a great example for me.

Hi OLD Sister! hahaha Nope, no fish eye soup!…yet.  I am loving it here.  Some hours take forever!!!  But it is all amazing work.  Everyone here LOVES DUCK DYNASTY. hahaha  It is like religion for some people and everyone hates OBAMA.  One lady we taught the Plan of Salvation to yesterday told us that, “he is the anti-Christ.” hahaha  I don’t know about that.

 This week we are getting a Bible Study together in the neighborhood called, “Cedar Park” (this neighborhood has tons of drug deals and stabbings going down and is just all-in-all shady).  Someone asked where it was and Brother Miles (member of the Ward Council) was like, “Just check the newspaper.” hahaha

We shared Sister Kasteler’s favorite scripture with a lady in our Ward.  This lady is less active because of her health.  She cannot make it to church at all.  We came by and the Elders pulled up with their trade off companions at exactly the same time, so we went in with them.  They gave her the sacrament and then gave her a

blessing.  In the blessing she was told to, “get ready to go home.”  Then the Elders and Brother Clary left.  Then we shared Sister Kastlers scripture which is 2 Nephi 22:2 and she said, “Oh, I love that, will you read that at my funeral?”

My companion has a blog too where her sister posts her emails.  She is pretty cool so you should check it out:

We both love chocolate so we are a pretty good match.  We run in the mornings though, so it is all good. hahaha  I am SOOO focused on learning to teach by the Spirit.  Personal and Companion study are the best because then I can learn and grow.  It will be hard for your to believe but now I love to sleep.  When it is time to go to bed at 10:30pm it just never seems early enough.  We are up early each morning to study.

 Sometimes the middle of the day is hard because you feel sleepy. No worries though, one of the ladies in Price Creek Ward gave us pixie sticks at Halloween and we have them in the car for that emergency mid-afternoon pick me up.  Love you all.  You are beautiful!  Be safe.  Thank you everyone for your spiritually uplifting emails and support too.

         Love,   Sister Winkler


3 thoughts on “DUCK DYNASTY, Bible Study Class and “bless the little bitty birdies”…

  1. Sis. Winkler, I can’t express enough how much I enjoy reading your weekly emails!!!!! You have already become a great missionary because you are able to love those whom you serve!
    Florida is like a foreign country, isn’t?!
    May God bless you with success, safety and energy!

  2. Hello Sister Winkler, I am in the Banff Branch and know your mom & dad. We consider Jacksonville and NE Florida our 2nd home. Have 3 daughter living in the Jacksonville area. Have told my daughter Trisha Brown to watch out for you as I am sure you will be in her area soon. We lived in NE Florida from about 1990 until 1999, and yes its a huge change coming from Western Canada. Sounds like you are adjusting to the southern ways and doing a great job of spreading the Gospel. If you ever get assigned to the Fernandina Beach Branch, that is where my son Dan was baptised, and we still have a lot of friends there. You will love serving in that area. May God bless you and your companion and keep up the good work.

  3. Well done Sister Winkler, Love catching up on your blog and all your efforts. Watch out for those pixie sticks and chocolate….Actually scratch that. If it keeps you more energized and you can love and serve more people for it. Go ahead. I’ll just fix you later. Keep up all the good work. Yours a great example


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